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2 Reasons Why Cable Trailers are Power & Telecom Essentials

2 Reasons Why Cable Trailers are Power & Telecom Essentials

When you’re a Telecommunications contractor or work in the Power Transmission and Distribution industry, you know the importance of having trailers that will cater to your project demands. As soon as it’s time to blow fiber or transport and pay out innerduct, you need to have the right trailers in your fleet for job site success.

We’re excited to announce that we have added a new trailer to our Utility and Telecom trailer fleet – the LCT-7500 Cable Puller! While there are many benefits to renting these trailers, we’ve narrowed it down to 2 main reasons why we believe that Cable Trailers are project essentials.

1.Lay more cable in less time.

Created by industry professionals like yourself, the LCT-7500 is unique by allowing you and your crew to Figure-8 ahead of the plow, keeping the plow separate from the cable pulling and handling process entirely. The Figure-8 feature instantly boosts productivity by lowering the number of team members needed to Figure-8 the cable. Prior to this, crews would have to stop the plow each time to wait for the cable handling process to complete, ultimately wasting time.

The LCT-7500 quickly and safely rewinds cable at 700’ per minute, working with a variety of cable types. Decrease downtime with a Figure-8.

2.These trailers come standard with powerful features.

The LCT-7500 Cable Trailer comes standard with a variety of features that help increase productivity when working with electrical wire, like:

  • 20 HP Honda Engine – A power source that you can depend on to operate a 12 GPM hydraulic system.
  • Hydraulic Reel Turner – Winding and rewinding cable has never been easier.
  • Hydraulic Lifting Rack – Loading and unloading is now a single person job. 
  • Figure-8 Fork – Avoiding tangling cable when you and your crew are re-wiring.
  • Receiver Hitch – Connect other equipment to your LCT-7500 Cable Trailer.
  • Hydraulic Valve Control Panel – This panel makes it possible for a single crew member to handle the Hydraulic Reel Turner and Figure-9 assembly.
  • Arbor Bushings & Locking Collars – The Arbor Bushings help the reel spin with little resistance and the Lock Collars keep the reel steady and in one spot.
  • Auxiliary Hydraulics – You and your crew have the freedom to use other hydraulic tools while working.

Having a 7,500lb payload capacity and (2) 6,000lb Dexter Torflex Axles, these utility trailers are ready to work.

These new trailers are available for rent across the United States. For more information on these trailers and their current availability, fill out a quote request form to get connected to one of our sales reps!

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