3 Benefits of Triplexing Cable Wrappers on Wind & Solar Farms

3 Benefits of Triplexing Cable Wrappers on Wind & Solar Farms

You and your guys are working on a wind farm and have to start bundling cable. In the past, you’ve used zip-ties to get the job done, but the issue with this is that it’s costly because of the number of zip-ties needed, the manpower required and the time spent completing the job.

So, what’s a better solution to save time, money and labor?

Meet the Triplexing Cable Wrapper.

This unit (also known as the VelociWrapper) is a self-propelled cable-wrapping machine that was specifically designed to wrap MV cable in a triplex bundle using twine. Created for wind and solar farm projects, the Triplexing Cable Wrapper makes cable laying in trenches quick and easy. We’ve put together 3 reasons why these units are necessary for wind farm and solar farm projects.

1.They save you time

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Triplexing Cable Wrappers (VelociWrappers) require no additional power source when operating, pulling cable through the machine with 3 strands of twine in a tight bundle. Because of the efficiency of the unit, this piece of equipment can wrap cable up to 2 miles per hour, helping you and your guys get the work done even faster on wind projects or solar projects.

2. They reduce overhead costs


Zip-ties are expensive and utilizing them for bundling cable can cost you roughly $350 per hour. Plus, it takes an average of 8 workers to help zip-tie the cables and keep the project moving.

With having a Triplexing Cable Wrapper in your fleet, you’ll eliminate the additional costs of zip-ties and save money by not having as many guys working in the trench. With these units, you can narrow your crew members from 8 to 2 for triplexing, allowing the other 6 guys to work on other projects. Work smarter, not harder.

3. They save you money even after cable is laid

VelociWrapper Twine

The bundling process with Cable Wrappers is unique because of the spiral-wrap process of the cable and twine, keeping the bundles tight and uniform even after handling. After the cable is placed in the ground, you’ll keep saving money due to the consistency within your triplexing. The more consistent triplexing, the better power transmission efficiency over the cable’s life.

These units operate in a 3-strand spiral wrapping process, and they have a specially engineered twine that meets the strength requirements needed for effective triplexing. Having a knot strength of 245 lbs, tensile strength of 400 lbs and material composition of virgin polypropylene resin, the twine will only enhance the triplexing process.

Having little to no maintenance, the Triplexing Cable Wrapper is a must for wind and solar farm projects. Get more information on renting these units and fill out a quote today.

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