Single Reel Trailer for Rent

3 Things to Consider When Renting a Reel Trailer

When you work in underground construction, fiber installation, or directional drilling, having single reel trailers is a must. When it comes time to lay cable, having the right equipment is vital to guarantee that all cables are correctly installed. Plus, efficiency is key if you need to haul innerduct or fiber to your job site.

Before you add single reel trailers to your fleet, there are 3 key factors to consider to ensure success.

1. Reel Weight, Width & Diameter

Knowing the size and weight of your reel helps determine which type of single reel trailer is right for you. Different trailer manufacturers accommodate different reel widths, so knowing your spool size and weight helps prevent issues while working. For example, Brindle trailers have a wider base, being able to hold a 67-inch reel. On the other hand, Stellar trailers are slightly smaller, holding a 62-inch reel.

2. Truck Size

Not all trucks can haul reel trailers, so knowing your truck’s size is incredibly important to know before selecting your reel trailer. Power and telecom contractors typically rent a service truck or a 1-ton flatbed (or larger) to pair with their trailers. If you have a smaller, lighter reel, consider a ¾-ton pickup truck to haul.

3. Project Application

Single reel trailers are incredibly versatile for a variety of industries, being great for a wide array of project applications. These units are great for telecom projects, 5G infrastructure jobs, municipal projects, renewable sites and more.

Our fleet has multiple sizes of single reel trailers to give you the flexibility to choose which size is right for your job. In addition to this, we have a variety of multi-reel trailers that are available for rent, so if you need a trailer that carries multiple spools, we’ve got you covered.

We have both tension brakes and power packs for additional add-ons for our reel trailer rentals, helping boost on-site productivity and efficiency. For more information about our single reel trailers, submit a quick quote request.

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