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3 Rent-Ready Trailers for Utility Projects

3 Rent-Ready Trailers for Utility Projects

The utility industry is booming. Between the growth in power projects, the switch from 4g to 5g, and the general increase in demand for reliable utility infrastructure, the need for utility trailers has only gone up.

When you need to splice fiber, pay out cable or innerduct or figure-8 your cable, having the right trailers specific for your job is crucial to meet deadlines. At PTR, we offer a variety of utility trailers in our rental fleet. From pole trailers to single and multi-reel trailers to splicing trailers and more, we’ve got the equipment you need for your upcoming projects.

3 rent-ready trailers that are available for rent immediately with nationwide delivery are the Reelstrong CLD-20, the Larson LCT-7500, and the Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers.

1. CLD-20


Need to install electrical cable? Our Reelstrong CLD-20 Cable Reel Trailers are perfect for the job. These units have knuckled-down lift arms, power pay out and rewind, pinless reel bar securement, and more.

In addition to this, these cable trailers have:

  • GVWR of 27,000lbs
  • Max payload of 20,000lbs
  • Max reel diameter of 120” and max reel width of 62”
  • 3,300lb torque take-up retriever
  • Hydraulic outriggers

2. LCT-7500

Larson Cable Trailer

One significant benefit of Larson trailers? They help you save time and money while working in the field by figure-8ing your cable hydraulically. Rather than needing 6 or 7 guys to lay your cable, you only need 2 to get the job done. Plus, these units can lay up to 750’ per minute.

Our LCT-7500 Cable Reel Trailers have a payload capacity of 7,500lbs, max reel width of 60”, max reel height of 120”, hydraulic powerwind, hydraulic lifting rack, and a valve control panel.

3. Fiber Splicing Trailers

Fiber Splicing Trailer On Truck

The fiber industry has grown immensely over the past few years and projects will only continue to ramp up. Knowing this, having a reliable splicing trailer is a must.

Our Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers have heat, air conditioning, Bluetooth, work benches, cable access doors, interior and exterior lighting, and more. Having a temperature-controlled environment is crucial to maximizing productivity while splicing fiber optic cable in the field.

For more details on our rent-ready utility trailers, fill out a quick quote request form or call us at (844)245-3338 to start renting.

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