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4 Reasons Why Mechanics Trucks Are Fleet Essentials

4 Reasons Why Mechanics Trucks Are Fleet Essentials 

You have a lot of job demands and need a truck that will help you with your work. With having large job sites and needing to manage a lot of different equipment, it’s important that you have a truck nearby that’s there to help you when problems arise. That’s where our Ford F350 Mechanics Truck comes into play.

These units are the jack of all trades. They have a wide variety of capabilities to help you and your crew when working on a project. Ready to learn more? We put together a list of 4 reasons of why we believe that why crane trucks are fleet essentials.

1. They’re versatile. 

Service trucks are incredibly versatile. Not only are they time-savers, but they’re made to work in multiple industries. For example, if you work in agriculture, these trucks are perfect when you need to move your large farming equipment around the field. 

These trucks can do a variety of different jobs from site maintenance like mending fences, gates, pump service, motor repairs, calibrations and installations to maintenance of SCADA systems and more. Regardless of your specific line of work, having a crane truck on site helps increase productivity and save time, specifically when machinery breaks down while working.

2. They have a plethora of storage.

F350 Mechanics Trucks are packed with storage. The service body includes a full size tool organizer with pull out drawers to help you stay prepared and find your tools quickly and easily at work. With drawers on both sides of the truck body and an open bed, workers can easily organize their equipment to get the job done. Many times, job sites aren’t near your shop, so keeping everything in the back of the truck will help maximize productivity. 

By carrying different parts for you and your team, you’ll instantly minimize downtime by searching for specific tools needed to work. If your project requires additional storage, we can easily add extra storage for you.

3. The crane is incredibly useful when out on the job.

Each of our F350 Mechanics Trucks are equipped with an electric crane to make moving large materials a breeze. With 3,200lb capacity, 370 degree rotation and 15’ reach, the cranes on a 3MT are great for lifting heavy loads. Not only that, but each of the cranes on the F350 Service Trucks have wireless remotes, work lights mounted on the end of the boom and overload protection, keeping you and your guys safe on your site while using the crane.

4. These trucks can easily be upfit. 

We understand the complexity that different projects bring. You have tight deadlines and need to have trucks that are reliable, resourceful and will help you and your crew work smarter and faster. Knowing this, we can install add-ons to each of your truck rentals specifically for your job demands. 

All of our F350 Electrician Truck Rentals come with side steps, LED amber strobe lights and hitches. If you need additional storage, backup alarms, compressors, welders, generators or any other upfit option, we’ll make sure it’s on your truck when you’re ready to get to work. Whatever your project needs are, we’re here to make sure that you meet them.

Interested in renting or buying a 3MT? Fill out the quote request form and we’ll have one of our dedicated sales representatives contact you for more information.

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