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5 Reliable Trucks & Trailers You Need for Hurricane Clean-Up Efforts

5 Reliable Trucks & Trailers You Need for Hurricane Clean-Up Efforts

Hurricane Ida. Hurricane Hanna. Hurricane Isaias. Hurricane Laura. Hurricane Marco. Hurricane Sally. Hurricane Delta.

These are a few of the many hurricanes and tropical storms that have brewed in 2020 and 2021.

We’re right in the midst of the Atlantic Hurricane Season, stirring around in the Atlantic and Gulf Coast. According to the National Hurricane Center, “Tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic… during…September was very busy and set a record for the most named storms forming in a month.” Due to the storm surge, it’s crucial to always be ready for when a storm might hit. We’ve put a list together of our best trucks and trailers for disaster recovery to help you be prepared when a hurricane comes.

1.Fat Trucks

The prime vehicle for storm recovery. Whether you’re dealing with heavy rain or standing water, these vehicles will conquer it. They are an 8-person, all-terrain, amphibious truck that can climb over debris, swim through water and crawl on rough ground.

Fat Trucks can climb up to 35-degrees and travel up to 20 miles per hour on land. The tires will automatically inflate and deflate to give you most traction based on your terrain. When you have Fat Trucks on your site, you’ll reduce response time by being able to transport people, equipment or essentials to and from safety. 

2. Open Service Bodies

Having Open Service Body trucks involved in your storm recovery efforts is smart because they help you keep everything organized, securely locked and easily accessible. Our Open Service Bodies have toolboxes on both sides of the bed, giving you sturdy, durable storage for your tools.

Our F250, F350 and F550 Open Service Bodies all can have add-ons installed, helping increase your productivity while cleaning up after the storm. Also, with the large, open bed on the unit, you can rest easy knowing that all of your equipment is readily available, giving you the option to store large, awkward sized equipment, debris or lumber in the back of your truck.

3. Mechanics Trucks

Heavy duty crane trucks are the secret weapon to effective disaster recovery.

Mechanics trucks are a quick and productive solution to restoring power lines and moving debris and other rubble out-of-the-way. Having cranes with the capacity to lift up to 6,500lbs, these vehicles are perfect to have on-hand to help get the job done right the first time. Our service trucks have both electric crane and hydraulic crane options based on your job demands.

4. Pickup Trucks

Pickup trucks are built tough for a reason. They are made to work for you – helping you haul and tow when you’re cleaning up after a major hurricane. They are a fleet essential, having many uses based on the intensity of the storm damage. Our 4X4 crew cab pickups are versatile, offering storage space in the bed of the truck, as well as can be upfit to help you be even more productive when working.

5. Cable Reel Trailers

When it’s time to work on powerlines, having an LCT-7500 Cable Reel Trailer is important for jobsite success. Storms cause a lot of damage and destruction so having a reel trailer that can get the job done is crucial.

Preparedness is key during hurricane season. Hurricanes and tropical storms are unpredictable, so it’s crucial to be ready for anything to strike at any time. Storms are dangerous, so plan and prepare so you can react and recover.

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