Predict the Unpredicted

While you’re unable to predict a collision, you can predict how to be prepared when one happens. Our Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) is offered to all our 4×4 truck, utility trailer, and UTV rental customers. The CDW is an optional service and not mandatory to rent a vehicle. In the event your rental experiences damage due to collision or theft, the CDW will provide reimbursement damage due to collision or theft up to the actual cash value of the rental vehicle.

Many renters change providers due to unfair damage bills. Premier is fair when it comes to our collision and damage policy. By offering the Collision Damage Waiver, we hope to provide peace of mind and help our renter’s save money when they rent.

Collision Damage Waiver is not insurance.

What are the benefits?

• You may be reimbursed for damage due to collision
• Not having to pay out of pocket to repair your rental
• Will work in tandem with your insurance
• Protection from vehicle theft
• Minimize downtime due to vehicle repairs
• Peace of mind during rental term

How can I add Collision Damage Waiver to my rental?

Collision Damage Waiver is optional, and offered to every rental customer when they sign their rental agreement. If you’re currently renting and would like to add CDW, you can contact your sales representative, by emailing, or calling 844-644-9138.

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Collision Damage Waiver