Download Application Forms

Here at Premier Truck Rental, we believe in keeping it simple. Which is why our account set-up process is easy, and quick to complete. After you’ve chosen which 4x4 truck rental(s) you will need, simply fill out our credit application and provide proof of insurance to your rental representative. Your rental representative will then generate a simple, no frills rental agreement for you to sign. Once we have received these documents, we typically have your truck to you within just a few days.

Credit Application

We extend credit to customers who qualify based on information submitted on our credit application. Click the above link to download a fillable PDF form which can easily be sent in to our accounting department,

Insurance Requirements

Click this link to view a copy of our insurance requirements. In short, we require $1,000,000 in liability insurance and that Premier Truck Rental be endorsed as a loss payee. For more details read through the full insurance requirements.