2-Ton Flatbed Truck

Max Towing
Max Payload

If you’re looking for a rental truck with more power and more payload, you can rely on our flatbed trucks. All of our 2-ton flatbed truck rentals are 4x4 crew cabs, and they're offered in 9' and 11' bed lengths. They make the perfect hauling and towing solution when your job involves extremely rough terrain that a standard pickup can’t handle. The best part of partnering with Premier for all of your 5500 flatbed truck rentals is the flexibility that we provide to our customers. We have a variety of options and customization for you to choose from such as ladder racks, toolboxes, and fuel storage tanks. Depending on your needs, our flatbed truck rentals can be configured with truck accessories and add ons such as, cross body, above body, and underbody toolboxes.

These 2-ton flatbed truck rentals are ideal for most industries we serve, as they provide the payload and towing capacity that pipeline and transmission contractors require. Save yourself the hassle of worrying about service problems with your 4x4 rental trucks, each of our rental trucks are serviced and thoroughly inspected on a regular basis to ensure their optimal performance. Which means less down-time for you.

If you need to temporarily expand your fleet with trucks other than flatbed trucks, we’ve got you covered there as well. Our inventory consists of rental trucks ranging from half ton pickups to 1 ton pickups, dump trucks, and many more. Feel free to contact us today for additional information on any of our fleet vehicles, or fill out a quote request and get started on your reservation. Find out for yourself how a Premier flatbed truck rental can be a great addition to your fleet.

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Truck rental options to fit your needs
Additional accessories to outfit your truck rental
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  • Ladder Racks
    Ladder Racks
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    Available on all rentals, including short and long-bed pickups. Utility Hooks and Tie-Downs included.
  • Truck Caps
    Truck Caps
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    Various window, door, and shelving configurations available for short and long bed pickups.
  • Front Winch
    Brush Guard / Front Winch
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    Brush Guards for every application, and front winches from 7K-10K capacity.
  • Truck Toolbox
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    Wide array of lengths and depths, black or aluminum options.
  • Truck Headache Racks
    Headache Racks
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    For protection of the rear cab window, lighted and non-lighted options available.
  • Fuel Tank
    Fuel Storage Tanks
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    Fuel Transfer Tank with Toolbox Storage and 12V Transfer Pump. Available on all rentals.
  • Fuel Transfer Pump
    Fuel Transfer Pump
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    12V transfer pump quickly pumps gas from storage tank to your vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • Truck Hitches
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    Ball, Pintle, Ball/Pintle Combo, and Adjustable hitches.
  • Truck Safety Lights
    Safety Lights
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    Safety lights, construction lights, and other truck-mounted lighting.
  • Truck Backup Alarms
    Backup Alarms
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    For safety when reversing, backup alarms available on all rentals.
  • Inverters
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    Power on the go with 400-3000 watt inverters. Modified Sine & Pure Sine available from a variety of manufacturers.
  • C-Tech Aluminum Storage Solutions
    C-Tech Aluminum Storage Solutions
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    Motion Latch drawer handles, ball bearing bolt on slides. Available in standard or Extreme duty.