1/2-Ton Pickup Truck

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1/2 Ton Pickup Truck Rentals are available for you to keep your crew moving and working as quickly and efficiently as possible! Schedules and deadlines are a priority that every construction company faces no matter the size of the job. This means getting 4x4 pickup truck rentals that have the perfect combination of options and addons to suit your application. Each monthly half ton pickup truck rental comes with a standard set of options that your crew needs, and even provides some things that you never knew you were missing. Our standard specification includes everything from a pickup truck rental towing package to a backup camera.

We’ve built our reputation on providing companies with 1/2 ton pickup truck rentals that are of the highest quality, and our maintenance program is just one of the ways we’ve accomplished this. We put all of our fleet vehicles through an extensive service and inspection procedure on a regular basis. This ensures that no matter which style of 4x4 pickup truck rental you select, you’re getting a dependable rental pickup truck that you can rely on.

Are you looking to rent a truck that's a little more heavy duty than a 1/2 ton pickup truck? We’ve got you covered! Our extensive fleet includes every 4x4 pickup truck rentals that you’ll need on your job site, ranging from a light duty pickup truck to a heavy duty dump truck. Contact us for more information on any of our 4x4 truck rentals, or fill out our quote request to begin your reservation.

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Truck rental options to fit your needs
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Additional accessories to outfit your Pickup truck rental
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  • Ladder Racks
    Ladder Racks
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    Available on all rentals, including short and long-bed pickups. Utility Hooks and Tie-Downs included.
  • Truck Caps
    Truck Caps
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    Various window, door, and shelving configurations available for short and long bed pickups.
  • Front Winch
    Brush Guard / Front Winch
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    Brush Guards for every application, and front winches from 7K-10K capacity.
  • Truck Toolbox
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    Wide array of lengths and depths, black or aluminum options.
  • Truck Headache Racks
    Headache Racks
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    For protection of the rear cab window, lighted and non-lighted options available.
  • Fuel Tank
    Fuel Storage Tanks
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    Fuel Transfer Tank with Toolbox Storage and 12V Transfer Pump. Available on all rentals.
  • Fuel Transfer Pump
    Fuel Transfer Pump
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    12V transfer pump quickly pumps gas from storage tank to your vehicle’s fuel tank.
  • Truck Hitches
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    Ball, Pintle, Ball/Pintle Combo, and Adjustable hitches.
  • Truck Safety Lights
    Safety Lights
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    Safety lights, construction lights, and other truck-mounted lighting.
  • Truck Backup Alarms
    Backup Alarms
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    For safety when reversing, backup alarms available on all rentals.
  • Inverters
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    Power on the go with 400-3000 watt inverters. Modified Sine & Pure Sine available from a variety of manufacturers.
  • C-Tech Aluminum Storage Solutions
    C-Tech Aluminum Storage Solutions
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    Motion Latch drawer handles, ball bearing bolt on slides. Available in standard or Extreme duty.