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When it comes to speed and stability, our UTV Rentals have you covered. We offer 4x4 utility vehicle options to comfortably seat your two and four man crews. Flexible crossover Gator and Polaris UTV Rentals are compact and engineered to easily navigate crews through the most uneven and rugged terrain. Quickly haul materials, survey land, or transport your team on and off site. The 50 Horsepower gas engines delivers first-rate starting, idling, and throttle response. The pickup style tailgate offers spacious storage and security straps keep all your materials safe during transport.

All 4x4 UTVs come standard with front brush guard, hard top with windshield, and automatic dump bed. From John Deere Gators to 4x4 Crew Cab Polaris UTVs, we offer several accessory options that allow you to fully customize your rental UTV to best fit your requirements. All rentals are put through a detailed service and inspection process at regular intervals, so you know that your ride is dependable and won’t give you problems.

Contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to provide you with more details on all of our side by side ATV rental options. We also have plenty of other truck and trailer rentals that can supplement your fleet. Fill out our quote request form to get started on your reservation today.

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Additional accessories to outfit your UTV rentals
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  • Front Brush Guard
    Front Brush Guard
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    Available on all 2-ma, 4-man, and 5-man UTV rentals.
  •  Enclosed Cab with Heater
    Enclosed Cab with Heater
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    For protection from outside elements. Available on all UTV rental options.
  • Front Winch
    Brush Guard / Front Winch
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    Brush guard/front winch combos for every application.
  • Max Speed Limiter
    Max Speed Limiter
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    25PMG – 30 PMH max speed limiters available for UTV’s. Options vary based on UTV make and model.
  • UTV Safety Lights
    Safety Lights
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    Safety lights, construction lights, and other UTV-mounted lighting.
  • Crossbody Toolbox
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    Wide array of lengths and depths, black or aluminum options.
  • Front Winch
    Front Winch
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    Front winches from 7K-10K capacity.
  • Track Kit
    Track Kit
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    Available on select make and model UTV rentals.