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Hydra 985 Line Puller

The industry’s need for a high-speed overhead stringer and underground puller is now answered with the Hydra 985 Boss Hog. This single reel, self-maneuverable cable reel unit is top of its class. Call (844) 245-3338 for a rental quote today.

Welding Rig

3 Things to Consider when Upfitting Trucks

Having customized, heavy-duty trucks in your fleet is incredibly important when it comes to reaching goals and getting your job done on time and within budget. We’ve put together a list of 3 things to consider when looking into upfitting your truck rentals.

PTR Candy Wagon Framer

Meet the Candy Wagon, PTR’s Custom-Built Framer

Designed by you, built in-house at PTR specifically for your transmission power line jobs. Our F550 Framer (also known as the Candy Wagon) is a specialized fleet solution that’s a utility truck full of all of the goodies you could possibly need while working.

PTR GPS Navigation Fleet Management

Why You Need GPS/Telematics for Your Truck Rentals

Having greater visibility of your fleet rentals is crucial for jobsite success. Learn 4 key benefits of having GPS fleet tracking for your PTR truck rentals.

PTR Truck Rentals - Gelled Fuel

How to Fix Gelled Diesel Fuel

As the temperatures drop in the winter time, it’s important to be prepared to prevent your diesel fuel gelling (and your fuel-filter icing). Read about our 2 recommended products to keep your projects moving during the winter months.

Knapheide / STI F550 Mechanics Truck

4 Advantages of Knapheide & STI F550 Crane Trucks

Having an F550 Mechanic Crane Truck in your fleet is important when working on projects with heavy equipment. PTR is happy to announce the expansion of our F550 Crane Truck offering, now having Knapheide truck bodies available for rent in addition to STI truck bodies.

Fat Truck Pickup Truck

PTR Fat Truck Updates: New Pickup Model & Capstan Add-On

PTR is excited to announce the expansion of our all-terrain product offerings, having a Fat Truck Pickup 2.8P available for rent. The Fat Truck 2.8P is a fully amphibious pickup truck model that breaks the norm.

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Triplexing MV Cables for Your Renewable System

Our Triplexing Cable Wrapper can wrap MV cable into a triplex bundle using twine. Primarily used for burial in a trench for wind farms and solar farms. Call (844)245-3338 to rent/

Lube Skid

3 Benefits of Adding Lube Skids to Your Truck Rentals

Lube skids are self-contained units and make it quick and easy to access fluids to keep work trucks moving. There are many perks to having lube skids on your rentals, and we’ve narrowed it down to 3 key benefits of them.


Utility is in Our DNA – The Story of Rob Troxel, PTR’s CEO

Utility is in our DNA. Rob Troxel, PTR’s CEO has been a big name in the utility industry for quite some time and we wanted to share his story.