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Premier Truck Rental expands fleet, offering Hogg & Davis Hydra 985

Premier Truck Rental expands fleet, offering Hogg & Davis Hydra 985

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – Premier Truck Rental has expanded its fleet, offering Hogg & Davis Hydra 985s for rent to customers across the United States.

The Hogg & Davis Hydra 985s are perfect for telecom/power contractors and underground construction projects. These units are made for installing, removing, or wrecking out power and broadband cable from underground. Plus, they can be used overhead as a puller and have 24,000lbs of pull.

985s, also known as the “Hydra Hog”, are self-loading and self-maneuverable, allowing you to move over a manhole or position your equipment to easily load your reel. The hydraulic-powered idler wheel allows you to easily load or hitch up to a truck or position the unit where a truck can’t fit, like narrow alleys, sidewalks, underground parking structures, and more.

These units have a friction drive system to drive your reel, have high visibility strobes, a curbside control panel for easy operation, a reel capacity of 50” to 108” and max width of 56”, and a grated rack to protect the operator. In addition to this, the Hydra 985 has an efficient hydrostatic drive.

Premier Truck Rental has these units available for rent nationwide. Pair these pullers with an F750 truck rental for increased productivity on the job. Call us today at (844)245-3338 or get a quick quote at

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