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Premier Truck Rental Working to Prevent COVID-19 with Truck Rentals

Premier Truck Rental Working to Prevent COVID-19 with Truck Rentals

FORT WAYNE, Ind. – With flu season approaching and COVID-19 pandemic numbers rising, Premier Truck Rental is working diligently to mitigate risk our employees and customers alike. With keeping employees and customers top-of-mind, we have implemented additional cleaning procedures for each of our rental trucks.

Because of the increased concern surrounding the coronavirus, PTR has been very conscientious regarding the spread of this virus, working to inform rental customers on best practices to minimize the spread while working on a project.

A few important ways to lessen the chances of COVID being passed on the job are:

  1. Regularly disinfect equipment and truck rentals before, during and after each workday.

Frequently sanitizing your equipment is crucial due to the number of workers consistently sharing tools and sharing trucks. Don’t forget to wipe down seats, steering wheels, handles and other commonly touched surfaces, like the stereo or gear shift.

  1. Always keep cleaning supplies and PPE on hand.

Not only do we recommend having disinfectant nearby to clean surfaces before and after work, but keeping hand sanitizer, gloves, face masks and face shields available is important to keep your crew healthy and safe when working in close proximity with one another. When at the jobsite, crew members will be working in close contact with each other, so having gear nearby to protect workers is vital.

  1. Adhere to the CDC guidelines.

According to the Center for Disease Control, social distancing guidelines recommend remaining 6 feet apart. In order to abide by this guideline, we recommend limiting the number of crew members in each truck, significantly reducing the possibility of exposure. If there’s more than 1 worker in a truck at a given time, we suggest wearing masks while in transit.

In effort to help lower the risk of customers contracting the coronavirus, Premier Truck Rental’s detailing department has increased cleaning procedures inside of the trucks, as well as include complimentary hand sanitizer spray bottles for customers to utilize when out on the job.

For more information about preventing COVID-19 or how to identify symptoms, visit the CDC’s website. To learn more about renting or purchasing your work trucks and trailers from Premier Truck Rental, call us at 844-644-9138 or email [email protected].

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