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PTR Fat Truck Updates: New Pickup Model & Capstan Add-On

PTR Fat Truck Updates: New Pickup Model & Capstan Add-On

Having a fully amphibious vehicle is important when you are going off the grid. Whether you are working on a powerline project, moving your crew through a swamp or working on storm recovery efforts, all-terrain trucks are the right unit for the job.

Premier Truck Rental is excited to announce the expansion of our all-terrain product offerings, having a Fat Truck 2.8P from Zeal Motor available for rent. Similar to its counterpart, the Fat Truck 2.8C, the Fat Truck 2.8P is a fully amphibious pickup truck model that breaks the norm.

About the Fat Truck Pickup 2.8P

PTR Fat Truck Pickup 2.8P for Rent

The 2.8P was designed to answer a specific market need to transport materials and tools to the job site, having an open bed with a toolbox. The bed not only keeps you organized, but makes transporting different-sized equipment simple and stress-free.

These units are perfect for remote project in the utility industry, having:

  • Top speed of 25mph
  • Payload capacity of 2,200 lbs
  • Seat up to 8 passengers (2 in the cab and 6 in the bed) 
  • Horsepower of 67 HP

In addition to the list above, the 2.8P has joystick steering, are ROPS ISO 3471 certified, Tier 4 Final EPA Certified, amber strobe lights, backup cameras, roof fetch and more. Plus, these units have special terrain tires that inflate and deflate based on the terrain you are driving through, similar to the 2.8C.

Details on the Capstan Add-on

Fat Truck with Capstan

Our Fat Truck 2.8C Enclosed Cab’s have a new capstan addition, redefining the safety standards and productivity levels of crews working in tough terrains on powerline projects.

With the bumper-mounted capstan and winch, the Fat Truck 2.8C can lift up to 1,900 lbs and have a maximum speed up to 300 feet per minute. These add-ons can be installed on your Fat Truck and ready to work before your boots hit the ground.

Fat Truck Trailers

Need more storage space for moving your tools and equipment? We’ve got the answer for you.

Our 2.8C and 2.8P’s have a trailer add-on that you can attach to your Fat Truck and include in your fleet for rent. Our Fat Truck trailers are built with a steel frame and aluminum sides, having a GVWR of 3,500 lbs and payload of 2,200 lbs. These trailers are incredibly beneficial when working remotely, making moving bulky, large equipment quick and easy.

We have Fat Truck Pickups, Enclosed Cabs and trailers available for rent today, as well as have 2.8’s available for purchase. These units are made to climb, swim and crawl through mud, sand, water, rain and snow and will boost productivity on day one.

Add these units to your fleet today!

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