NAFA Top 100 Fleet Award

Driving to Success: PTR Awarded Top 100 Fleet Award by NAFA

PTR has been recognized as one of the best-run fleets in the industry by the National Association of Fleet Administrators (NAFA), being named a recipient of the NAFA Top 100 Fleet Award. This award is presented annually to commercial fleets across America, highlighting their excellence in fleet management practices.

To be considered for the award, organizations must complete a comprehensive application that is evaluated on the following 10 criteria for excellence:

  1. Accountability – Accountable for all areas of fleet operations.
  2. Use of Technology – Integrate technology to track fleet usage and maintenance.
  3. Collaboration – Work with stakeholders to ensure that fleet operations are aligned with organizational goals.
  4. Creativity and Innovation – Find ways to increase efficiency and lower costs.
  5. Efficiency – Focus on fuel consumption, maintenance, and driver productivity.
  6. Financial Sustainability – Ensure operations are financially sustainable.
  7. Leadership – Set clear goals and expectations.
  8. Professional Development – Provide training opportunities and growth plans.
  9. Service Turnaround Time – Minimize vehicle idle time.
  10.  Use of Data – Track performance and identify areas for improvement and optimization.

Being the recipient of this award is a direct testament to the hard work and dedication of our entire team. For more information on the NAFA 100 Best Fleets in the Americas program, visit

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