6 Benefits of the Premier Protection Plan

You just rented units to start your new job and on the first day at the site, you accidentally hit the front bumper. A few days later, a member of your crew backs the truck a little too far, leaving a taillight broken and a dent in the tailgate. You’re worried about returning the unit because of all the damage but you remember that you’re covered with PTR’s Premier Protection Plan.

Are you worried about causing damage to your rental vehicle? We’re here to help.

We’ve created a solution tailored to you and your specific needs. We understand the stress that comes with budgeting for repairs, which is why we’ve created the PTR Premier Protection Plan, giving you true coverage on all of your rental vehicles. Want to learn more about the plan? Here are 6 reasons why PTR’s PPP is the perfect program for you:


Convenience with Payments

There’s a chance that a rental unit will be damaged while on the job. PPP covers any damages caused while the vehicle is out on rent. We’ll send you monthly invoices billed to your job site, saving you both the time and energy of having to complete added paperwork. Depending on the level of protection that you choose, you’ll avoid any additional damage bills.


Damage Protection Made Easy

Our Premier Protection Plan makes everything simple. If your rental gets damaged, the PPP eliminates the need for you to file a claim with your insurance provider. Whether it’s a damaged truck bed, a cracked grille, a punctured exhaust pipe or any other type of stain or scratch, you’re covered under PPP.


Fairness for Coverage Costs

There’s no fine print, trust us. Even if your insurance provider deems your vehicle a total loss, PPP protects you against your deductible, up to $5,000.


Top-of-Line Security

We want you to feel secure with your rental units, so don’t worry about theft or vandalism while working at your job site. PPP provides protection for accidents or theft after going through insurance. After insurance, PPP covers your deductible, leaving you with no out-of-pocket expenses. 


Predictable for Budgeting

We have two protection tiers within PPP. The first tier is $200 per month for up to $2,000 of damage protection. Our full protection tier is $500 per month per unit, covering any and all damage that happens to your rented units. Our tiers are designed to let you know exactly how much to budget each month for your rentals.


No Gimmicks – We’re 100% Transparent

Everything is as simple as it seems – $500 a month for full work protection for each unit. There are no added costs or fees, and you’ll save more in the long run. 


Broken taillight? It’s protected. Fire damage? No problem. Dents and tears? Good to go. Aside from total vehicle loss, everything is protected under PPP. Our Premier Protection Plan is optional and is offered to every rental customer when they sign their rental agreement. If you’re currently renting and would like to add PPP, contact your sales representative by emailing [email protected] or calling (844) 644-9138.


Still have questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Question section.


Predict the Unpredicted

With every job comes the chance your rental unit could be damaged. That’s why we’ve created the Premier Protection Plan (PPP) with you in mind. It’s important to know how our protection plan can be a cost effective part of your rental strategy.

Okay, how is this different from all other rental insurance policies?

It’s simple. The Premier Protection Plan covers ALL damage upon returning your unit. You’ll make an additional monthly payment based on the level of protection that you choose. Once you decide to return the unit, you’ll avoid any damage bills. We’ll bill this service directly to your jobsite, making it as easy as possible for you.


Please note: PPP DOES NOT cover on-road accidents, but it will cover up to $5,000 in deductible responsibilities for total loss accidents. You may still be responsible to cover fees for smoking inside the unit, preventative maintenance neglect, modifications or repairs not approved by PTR and alterations that damage the frame or void the warranty.

Protection from Damages

What’s Protected Not Protected
checkmark Sensors
checkmark Tailgates
checkmark Body Panels
checkmark Stains
checkmark Scratches
checkmark Gouges
checkmark Lower Valance
checkmark Rims
checkmark Tires
checkmark Grilles
checkmark Side Markers
checkmark Headlights
checkmark Glass
checkmark Add-ons
checkmark Running Boards
checkmark Exhaust
checkmark Weather Seals
checkmark Under Body
checkmark Taillights
and more!
Ppp Damage Covered

This sounds like it would be expensive to add to all of our rentals.

It’s actually not! Our full Protection tier is offered at just $500 per month per unit.

This is an actual damage bill from one of our trucks that was rented for 3 months:

Return Damage Is it Protected?
Premier Protection Plan Front Bumper Damaged Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Lower Valance Torn Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Running Boards Bent Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Right Bedside Damage Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Hole on Left Bedside Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Rear Bumper Damage Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Tailgate Dented Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Taillight Broken Yes!
Premier Protection Plan Glue on Exterior and Interior Yes!
Total Damage $10,307.78
Total Damage Billed $0.00

The cost of PPP for this unit was only $1,500.00, broken down into prepaid payments of $500 a month for 3 Month in this case.

Okay, that sounds like it could save us a lot but what’s really not covered?

There is nothing not covered! There is no fine print.  Even in the event your vehicle is determined to be a total loss by your insurance provider, PPP protects you against your deductible. Up to a $5,000.

Sign me up. How can I add the PPP to my future rentals?

PPP is optional, and offered to every rental customer when they sign their rental agreement. If you’re currently renting and would like to add PPP,  can contact your sales representative by emailing [email protected], or calling 844-644-9138.

Does this cover replacement or damage tires?


Will this cover a loaner truck while mine is being repaired?

No.  We will work with our network of facilities to get you back up and running as soon as possible.  You may, however, add another rental vehicle to cover your needs in the interim.

Does this apply to smoking fines?

No. All PTR vehicles are non-smoking therefore a $500 cleaning fee will be assessed for vehicles returned with evidence of smoking.

Does this cover mileage overage?

No. You will still be responsible for any mileage over your contracted allotment of 2,500 miles a month.

Does this cover fuel contamination due to operator error?

Yes! We understand that accidents like operator error happen, we have you protected!

If damage involves an insurance claim, does this cover the deductible? If so, how much?

Yes, up to $5,000 for total losses. No need for you to file an insurance claim for any reason other than a total loss. This protects you against a potential increase in premium costs.

Does this include routine maintenance, i.e. oil change, etc?

No.  Please follow all recommended routine maintenance. If you need assistance in scheduling maintenance, contact us at (844) 644-9138.

Other rental companies have a deductible for each "occurrence". Will the PPP have a deductible?

No. You are protected from deductibles with PPP.

Does this protect me against any cleaning fees?

Yes!  You’re protected.

Does it cover a missing GPS device?

A broken GPS device is protected. However, PPP will not protect you against missing items without a police report.

Does it cover upfit parts that have been removed, like a toolbox or transfer tank?

PPP will protect you from broken or damaged upfits. However, PPP will not protect you against missing items without a police report.

Does this protect me from missing keys or recovering keys that are locked in vehicle?

Missing keys, no. Damaged or malfunctioning keys, yes! Give us a call if you have locked your keys in your unit.

Does it cover repairs while still on rent or only when the unit is returned?

We will repair the unit while on rent if the damage affects serviceability. Cosmetic damages, will be repaired after the unit has been returned.

Is there a minimum rental time period required?

No more minimum rental terms!  You are now protected with a one month rental.