Speciality Industry Specific Equipment Rentals

Obviously, not all industries are the same and we get that.  You need solutions for time consuming projects.  This is why we are the specialty rental experts. PTR is constantly communicating with customers and industry leaders to provide the best equipment, saving you time and resources.

premier truck rental velociwrapper renewable energy solar wind

Wrap up to 2 miles per hour with the VelociWrapper engineered to wrap MV cable in a triplex bundle using twine. Primarily used for burial in a trench for wind farms and solar farms.

Max Uphill
Max Payload
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Some call it an inspection trolly. Others call it an inspection buggy. A few even call it a lineman limo. Sometimes, it’s even referred to as an amphibious transporter. But us? We call it a Fat Truck.

Off-road projects are no longer an issue when you have a Fat Truck in your fleet. These units, created by Zeal Motor, are completely amphibious and great for transporting people, tools, and other materials for your remote projects.

Although Fat Trucks have many uses, these trucks are industrial, off-road utility terrain vehicles specifically designed for transmission and power line inspections, pipeline valve inspections, line construction, right-of-way inspections, and transporting a team or materials over difficult terrains during any season.

When we think about Fat Trucks, all that comes to mind is that it’s an all-terrain vehicle that can do it all.


Having joystick steering, automatic transmission, and automatic brakes when not in motion, these trucks are safe, versatile, and great for every line of work.

Fat Trucks have unique tires, inflating and deflating based on the terrain that you’re tackling. Because of this, swimming through water, climbing over debris, or crawling through mud is no longer a problem. Fat Trucks are ROPS certified, EPA compliant, and designed per OSHA, ASME, ANSI, ISO, and SAE.

Our Fat Truck rentals have the option to add on a Fat Truck trailer, allowing you to haul, tow, and move even more equipment across worksites. These all-terrain vehicles have optional winches and hitches to carry your load. Also, these amphibious transporters make great crew haulers, having room to carry up to 8 passengers safely at one time.


There are a few key differences between Fat Trucks and Sherps when it comes to off-road utility vehicles: directional control, tires, and ROPS.

  1. Directional Control – These two units have very different steering. For Fat Trucks, you have a joystick steering option in between the two individuals in the front seat, allowing either to control the vehicle. Sherps have separate directional controls for the driver-side operator only.
  2. Tires – While both units have tires that inflate and deflate with the type of terrain you’re driving on, Fat Truck operations can control the airflow of the tires with a single button, while Sherp operators have to use a manual switch to move gas in and out of tires.
  3. ROPS – ROPS is crucial for all off-road units. Fat Trucks are ISO certified with ROPS protection and also provide seat belts for all passengers. Sherp has bars for ROPS attached to the frame.


Fat Trucks are ideal for storm and hurricane recovery efforts because of their ability to climb over anything and wade in the water. When it’s hurricane season, respond and assess damage faster than ever with these all-terrain vehicles. The Fat Truck is able to climb inclines up to 35-degrees (70%), has 67 horsepower, and can travel up to 20 miles per hour on land.

Conquer any terrain with a Fat Truck. This 8-person crew cab is joystick steered and is built for all types of weather and land.  Stuck in the mud?  No problem. With a single button press, the tires will deflate to offer maximum traction.  When floating in the water, the tires inflate to maximum pressure to allow the tire treads to double as paddles.


Similar in usage to the Fat Truck 2.8c, the Fat Truck 2.8P Pickup Model is the first-ever fully amphibious pickup truck, having a full open bed to seat 6 passengers, hold tools and equipment, and more. Plus, these units can be custom outfitted with additional upfits like a high-speed capstan, vegetation control spraying unit, water tank, and a small service crane for equipment and material recovery post-storms.

Fat Truck


  • ROPS certified
  • Controlled noise level
  • EPA compliant
  • Designed as per OSHA, ASME, ANSI, ISO, SAE
  • Maximum speed limiter
  • Automatic brakes when the vehicle is not moving
  • Visibility 360°
  • Side mirrors
  • Automatic tire inflation system
  • Front and rear ladder with 3 points contact all the time
  • Grab handles at all entry point
  • 3 points safety belt at all seats
  • Flat tire safety kit
  • Stretcher fit

Ease of Operation

  • Intuitive proportional joystick drive
  • Intuitive dash display
  • Automatic drive modes
  • Automatic transmission
  • Ability to drive from the left or the right side


  • Biggest cab space in the market
  • Ergonomic seating at all positions
  • 4 sliding windows
  • Heater defroster


  • Amphibious
  • All terrains
  • All seasons
  • Ability to transport up to 8 persons
  • Ultra low ground pressure
  • Fuel autonomy
  • Terrain mode


  • CAT tier 4 final engine (no DPF)
  • Danfoss transmission
  • Maintenance free drivetrain
UTV Winch Rentals
Finally, off-roading made easy. Our front winches are from 10k to 10k capacity.
truck strobe safety lights
Working at night is no problem with safety lights.

Amphibious, All-Terrain Vehicles Go Where Trucks Can’t

Wet. Muddy. Off the grid. Does this sound like your job site? Working in these conditions and on this type of terrain creates challenges that require a creative approach. Our amphibious, all-terrain units, like the Fat Truck, will keep you moving when the terrain gets tough. Don’t let your surroundings get you stuck and keep you from finishing your project.

Fat Truck Amphibious Truck Rentals

Climb. Swim. Crawl. Any weather condition. Any terrain. Any season. Anywhere.

Our Fat Truck 2.8C enclosed amphibious 4×4 crew haulers are similar to a Sherp but have quality and safety at the forefront. Need more of a pickup-style truck? The Fat Truck 2.8P pickup model makes moving tools and equipment to remote locations easier than ever.