Fat Trucks for Hurricane Relief

Take on Hurricane Season with Fat Trucks


Hurricane season is upon us and the NOAA is predicting an above average Atlantic season, with 13 to 19 named storms. Premier Truck Rental is always here to help you plan, prepare, react and recover.

If a hurricane hits, Fat Trucks are the answer.

Start to prepare for storm season with these amphibious vehicles. Not only are they great for storm recovery, but they can climb over debris and can operate in water.

fat truck option

On average, it takes 14 months for full recovery after a tropical storm hits, with remodeling efforts peaking around 3 months after the storm ends.

When you add Fat Trucks to your fleet, you can reduce response time for storm recovery efforts by entering into the action head-on. Climb over debris and kickstart clean-up with these units.

fallen tree

Any Season, Any Terrain, Any Condition.

  • Stuck in mud? No problem.
  • Road filled with debris from the storm? Climb over it.
  • Need to cross flooded streets? Fat Trucks will get you to the other side.
  • Have to transport materials from one location to another? Fat Truck tires will inflate and deflate to offer maximum traction, assisting you however you need it, regardless of your surroundings.


fat truck option 2

Tropical storms can be dangerous and destructive. Fat Trucks are the prime solution to storm recovery, helping you conquer whatever comes your way.

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