Why Buy WeatherTech from Premier Truck Rental?

Why Buy WeatherTech’s from Premier Truck Rental?

Premier Truck Rental is more than just a national leader in pickup and work truck rentals. PTR also offers truck accessories. Today we are focusing on our WeatherTech floor liners.

WeatherTech makes some of the best automotive floor mats available in today’s market. WeatherTech products are designed using only the highest quality materials and manufactured right here in the United States. What is great about WeatherTech is that they offer four different levels of floor protection for all types of demands. Beginning with the industry changing FloorLiners and semi-custom All-Vehicle Mats, WeatherTech offers a product that will not only perfectly fit your vehicle, but also your budget.

We use WeatherTech mats in our rental fleet of thousands of trucks. Here is why you should buy your next set of WeatherTech floor mats from Premier Truck Rental.


WeatherTech laser measures every vehicle to protect the front, back and sides of your vehicle’s footwell. This custom fit provides your carpet the best protection, while maintaining a factory-like perfect fit.

WeatherTech mats are not universal. Unlike universal mats, custom floor mats and liners are built specific to your vehicles footwells. Because of the precise fit, they offer more coverage, meaning more protection. Able to handle any type of spill or debris, custom floor mats feature raised edges to contain liquid and keep from leaking onto the carpet.



Milage, exterior condition, maintenance history, collision background and its interior condition influence the resale value of your vehicle. WeatherTech mats protect your interior floors keeping your vehicle’s floor stain free and looking new.


Made with a high-density tri-extruded material that is durable, and rigid in strength, while also providing traction to the carpet to keep it from moving once placed in the vehicle. The material is engineered to withstand all temperatures and keep from curling and cracking even in the coldest months.



WeatherTech mats feature a system of surface channels designed to carry fluids and debris to a lower holding pool to minimize fluid movement while driving.


Call us or stop by today to get your set of WeatherTech mats.