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3 Things to Consider when Upfitting Trucks

3 Things to Consider when Upfitting Trucks

Time is money when it comes to construction projects. 

The last thing that you need when starting a large, long-term project is a fleet of truck rentals that aren’t equipped and ready for your specific job demands. Having a limited crew size, a tight deadline to meet with no flexibility and work trucks without the right accessories for your project will lead to decreased crew productivity, money lost and time wasted.

Having customized, heavy-duty trucks in your fleet, whether that be flatbeds (F250 to F750 available), pickup trucks (F150 & F250 available), open service bodies (F250 to F550 available) or a different type of unit, is incredibly important when it comes to reaching goals and getting your job done on time and within budget.

We’ve put together a list of 3 things to consider when looking into upfitting your truck rentals.

1.Project Type

2500 pickup upfit 000891

Every project has its own unique demands. Depending on your specific industry and project location, different upfits will be better fit for your line of work than others. 

For example, if you have large pieces of equipment that you’re using, having a fuel transfer tank and fuel transfer pump installed on your truck rental can help you quickly pump gas to your tank and continue working rather than having to go off-site to fill-up. Another example is if you are transporting ladders, poles or need additional storage space, having a ladder rack installed on your unit will give you additional space to transport materials.

2.Crew Size & Ability

Upfit Flatbeds

When you have a crew of 5 versus a crew of 20, your upfit needs are vastly different. A smaller crew means less units in the field, resulting in minimal storage space for keeping tools and equipment organized. Knowing this, installing additional tool boxes and above and underbody boxes will give you more storage space in one unit. 

Assessing your crew size and ability before selecting your truck accessories is crucial. Depending on your timeframe and the number of guys you have working on your project, installing additional upfits like backup alarms, fuel transfer tanks and pumps, winches, LED strobes, generators, hose reels and more are crucial for success.

3.Project Length

F550 Custom Upfit Flatbed

Project length plays a huge factor in the types of upfits that you have. If you have a tight deadline to meet, installing upfits to boost productivity will help you get things done faster. Whether you choose to add a generator for on-site power, transfer tank for easy-to-access fuel and for quick fill-ups, or safety lights and backup alarms for working through the night.

One thing about Premier Truck Rental that sets us apart from other truck rental and trailer rental companies is that we have an in-house upfitting team who will custom-build your trucks for you.

When you connect with our sales team about your upcoming project and fleet needs, our team will work together to customize your rentals exactly how you need them to keep you and your guys working. Plus, we ship directly to your job site, so your ready-to-work units will be waiting for you and your crew at the jobsite right away.

Fill out a quick quote and tell our team about your upcoming projects and we’ll help you build a custom truck from the ground up.

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