Flatbeds For Rent

4 Reasons Why You Should Rent Flatbed Trucks


It’s time for you and your crew to start a new project and you’re trying to figure out what type of trucks will work best for you and your guys. You have a lot of different sized equipment that needs transported to and from the site, need to save space because of your variety of tools and equipment that you need to fit in your rentals, figure out how to successfully store and organize your tools while maximizing productivity.

What truck is the best option for this situation? Flatbeds.

Flatbeds are dependable, adaptable and as heavy-duty as they come. Perfect for projects in commercial construction, wind, solar, telecom and everything in between, these units are made for jobs like yours. We’ve put together 4 main reasons why we believe renting flatbeds is the way to go.

1.You’ll minimize trips by having additional storage space.

When you rent a flatbed, you have a large bed to haul your equipment. All of our flatbed rentals have stake pockets for stake sides to be added to help you contain your equipment when in transit. Also, you can add additional storage upfits, like toolboxes or above and underbody boxes, to keep your tools organized and save space. Because of the options for add-ons and capabilities with adding additional storage space, you can eliminate the need for a trailer.

2. They have the power and payload to carry your heavy equipment.

At PTR, we offer 4 different sized flatbeds available for rent: F250, F350, F550 and F750. Each flatbed has its own specific benefits and towing capabilities.

F250 | 2500

  • Max Towing = 12,500lbs
  • GVWR = 9,900lbs
  • Max Payload = 3,305lbs


  • Max Towing = 15,000lbs
  • GVWR = 14,000lbs
  • Max Payload = 6,932lbs


  • Max Towing = 17,250lbs
  • GVWR = 18,750lbs
  • Max Payload = 10,162lbs


  • Max Towing = 29,000lbs
  • GVWR = 33,000lbs
  • Max Payload = 16,000lbs
3. Damage billing is cheaper on flatbeds than pickup trucks.

Damage on the job is nearly inevitable. With the amount of use these trucks go under when working, wear and tear is expected and, depending on the environment and job demands, more damage can occur than anticipated. Our damage billing process is a much more affordable option than on pickup trucks because they don’t have a tailgate. Most of our damages occur on the pickup’s tailgate, so having a flatbed in your fleet over a pickup truck will likely reduce your damage bill.

4. Flatbeds are versatile in their uses and builds.

At PTR, we offer a variety of different sized flatbeds based on your project needs. Every industry and job is different, so depending on the size of your crew, the amount of tools and equipment that you have and the amount of upfitting that you’ll need done, we’ve got different builds to help you be as efficient as possible. 4 of our most popular flatbed builds are:

Upfit Flatbed

Some customers prefer having a regular flatbed with custom upfits based on their job demands. If their project doesn’t require all of the bells and whistles that others might, this is a great, personalized option. Our upfit options are endless. Whether you need a fuel transfer pump, a Miller Welder Generator, a fuel transfer tank or any other add-on, we’ve got you covered.


A utility truck upfit with everything and anything you could possibly need when working on a project. These units come standard with a 100 gallon fuel transfer tank, 4 corner strobes, a fuel transfer pump, j-hooks, an overhead rack and more.

Reel Loader

The perfect truck for a job in telecom. Our F550 Reel Loaders can lift reels up to 5,000lbs, 102” in diameter and up to 60” wide, and, with PowerWind, can lift reels up to 54” wind. For sale fiber optic lay down, add a Figure-8 option.

Welding Rig Truck

There’s no need to spend your time sourcing all of your equipment that you need for your welding rigs. Outside of the standard strobe light upfit, our welding rigs are equipped with 9 storage boxes, a Miller Bobcat Air Pak welder generator and compressor, fuel transfer tank, oxy/acetylene rack and hose reels to connect them all.We have flatbeds ready to get to work.

Connect with a sales rep by filling out a quote request form and get ready to start your next project with the perfect flatbed rental for you!

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