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4 Upfits for Half-Ton Pickup Trucks

4 Upfits for Half-Ton Pickup Trucks

Half-ton pickup trucks are the core of every fleet. Half-tons are essential units for all sizes of commercial construction projects, being the perfect vehicle for supervisors, site inspectors and safety guys alike.

Pickup trucks have a variety of uses: moving your crew from location to location, carrying your tools and equipment, towing a trailer, hauling construction material – the list goes on. When you add upfits to your pickup trucks, you’ll boost productivity and expand the uses for these units.

Knowing the versatility of custom trucks and high demands from your projects, we’ve compiled a list of 4 common upfits to install on half-ton pickups to boost productivity and help get your job done. 

1. Strobes

Safety is key. Having strobe lights on your vehicles helps ensure that you’re seen while working, keeping you and your guys safe at your job site. Strobes on pickups boost visibility and help oncoming traffic be aware that they’re approaching an active job site. 

Our strobes are amber and are often used as a warning light on fleet vehicles. We install strobes in a variety of different locations on our rentals: headlights, taillights, inside the grill and on the top of the unit (as an LED strobe bar).

2. Crossboxes

Protect your gear with a crossbox. You need to keep your tools and equipment safe and secure, so having a cross-bed toolbox installed in the bed of your truck helps you stay organized while working, allows you to have your tools in one location and preserves your equipment.

3. Tonneau Covers

There are 3 main benefits of tonneau covers: protect your gear from theft, improve your fuel economy due to having less wind drag and safely transport your equipment, keeping everything away from the elements. Plus, truck bed covers have a built-in locking system for added security.

4. Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are excellent additions to work trucks, providing you with additional bed storage. In addition to this, they help you avoid dents and dings by tying down large items while being easily accessible.

Our in-house truck upfitting team will custom upfit your truck rentals, building each piece of equipment exactly how you need them for your upcoming projects. To learn more about our half-ton trucks (available in Ford, Chevrolet and Ram), as well as our upfits, get in touch with our sales team.

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