Get greater insight and easily manage your rental fleet with our optional Premier GPS Navigation upgrade. Our user-friendly portal makes monitoring, reporting, and viewing detailed telematics on rental units effortless. Whether you’re renting 1 or 100 trucks, manage tracking all your equipment in one place.

Save money on fleet expenses.

Keeping track of routine maintenance schedules can be a challenge, but neglecting to service vehicles on time can turn into an expensive undertaking. GPS navigation alerts you when it’s time for your routine maintenance schedules, so you can take care of service records and agendas.

Track your fleet.

You will receive real-time alerts to help you know where your vehicles are, and keep your crews accountable for their time. Additional information such as mileage can be found on your online dashboard, but not all information will be sent as a real-time alert.

Here are all the real-time activity alerts you will receive:

• Speed
• Arrival and departure times
• Location
• Idling time

Safety and Security for your fleet 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Lost or stolen vehicles can quickly be located, and law enforcement can be notified before a more dangerous situation occurs. Unsafe driving patterns will be sent to you as an alert, so you can eliminate negligent driving before it becomes a hazard.

When you choose to add GPS to your rental equipment, you will be given your own individual login for your rental units. Comprehensive reporting allows you to run different reports including vehicle diagnostics, fuel efficiency, activity alerts, and more!

For more information on Premier Truck Rental’s GPS Fleet Management, download our GPS Benefits Guide online today. To speak to one of our sales representatives about adding GPS Navigation to your rental, call 844-644-9138, or include ‘GPS’ in the comments section of your next quote.

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