You need a trailer that you can count on. Whether you work in underground construction, drop buries, aerial construction, or installation and repair of telecommunication cables, our trailers are ready to work for you. These trailers are also great for transporting pols and materials for lighting and signage installation projects.

Manufactured by Brindle, Tuf-Solutions, and Brooks Brothers, our reel, utility pole and utility pole cargo trailers are specifically designed for the electric utility and telecom industries.

Single Reel Trailers

BRT90 Reel Trailer Rental

Transport reels up to 7,000lbs with a BRT90. These single reel trailers have a manual hydraulic pump to easily load reels for your next project.

BRT120 Reel Trailer Rental Wire Cart

BRT120’s aren’t your average reel trailers. Featuring self-loading drop-in racks for reels, you can load reels without additional equipment. Go bigger with a BRT120.

CT9 Reel Tension Trailer Rental Wire Cart

Load and unload cable anywhere with a CT9 and manual hydraulic pump. With a 16” stainless steel tension brake, these trailers are perfect for utility and telecom projects.

Multi Reel Trailers

CRT2 Transformer Trailer Rental Wire Boat

Hauling distribution transformers is easy and stress-free with a CRT2 Cargo Reel Trailer. Featuring a spill-proof cargo bed, these Brindle trailers will safely load reels and get your job done.

4RT21BS Innerduct Reel Trailer

Get your next project completed fast with a 4RT21BS Tension Trailer. Having a tension rig for distribution work and total max reel weight of 15,000lbs, electrical contractors can easily mount reels for pulling cable wire.

4RT21BT Innerduct Reel Trailer Tall

Using bigger reels? With a total max reel weight of 16,000lbs, this reel carrier tension trailer allows you to mount (4) 60” or (3) 96” diameter reels for pulling cable wire. Take on the toughest of jobs.

RL4RT Multi Reel Trailer

Featuring the ability to haul multiple innerduct reels, the RL4RT innerduct trailer can handle anything that your jobsite throws at it. This reel trailer can transport up to (4) 96” diameter reels or (3) 120” reels.

RL4RTWF Wind and Solar Farm Reel Spool Trailer

Do you have a large wind or solar farm project? This utility reel trailer is exactly what you need. Wind and Solar energy construction is no simple task, and this trailer is capable of hauling (4) 96” diameter reels or (3) 120” diameter reels, having a maximum combined reel weight of 44,000lbs. The RL4RTWF is the ultimate wind farm reel trailer.

RL5RTWF Wind and Solar Farm Reel Spool Trailer

This trailer was made for renewable projects. Completing wind and solar projects is tough, so having this trailer with you is certain to help you work. The RL5RTWF trailer is capable of hauling (5) 96” diameter reels or (4) 120” diameter reels, having a maximum combined reel weight of 44,000lbs. The RL5RTWF trailer is the perfect wind farm and solar reel trailer.

Turret Trailers

strt single reel turret trailer isolated

Installing wire and cable is quick and easy with Single Turret Reel Trailers. Having 360-degree hydraulic rotation, a self-loading feature, a hydraulic brake and more, these trailers are great for any utility fleet.

3trt 5 no background

Save time while working. Our Three Reel Turret Trailers have 360-degree hydraulic rotation, allowing you to move the reel in any position needed. All you need to do is remove the lever-actuated locking pin and rotate the reel in the direction.

Gas & Coil Pipe Trailers

Gas Pipe Trailer

Our Gas Pipe Trailers are perfect for construction jobs, being able to transport large, heavy utility stick pipes and gas pipes to and from your job site with ease.

Coil Pipe Trailer

Great for projects in telecom and utilities, these trailers have crossbars to help support the coil, are vertical and self-loading and have a remote-controlled powered hydraulic option to increase crew safety.

Fiber Splicing Trailers

Fiber Splicing Trailer

Durable. Comfortable. Our Fiber Optic Splicing Trailers are ideal for protecting your splicing operations from any type of weather or debris. Built for you and made to last.

Cable Trailers

Larson 7500 Cable Trailer Premier Truck Rental

Perfect for Figure-8’ing and blowing fiber or transporting and paying out any size reel, our Tandem Axle Cable Trailers come standard with a 20 HP Honda engine and a 2-stage hydraulic system for both high torque and high speed.

utility trailer,reel trailer,pole trailer

Our CLD20 Reel Trailers are perfect for hauling large, heavy reels. These units don’t have any pins or cotters to secure the reel bar, keeping you and your guys safe when handling reels. Stay productive while working.

Line Pullers

hydra985 line puller premier truck rental

Overhead pull speeds of 0 feet per minute to over 6 miles per hour and underground pulls from 0 to 24,000 lbs. line pull.

hp6500 underground puller premier truck rental iso

The industry’s requirement for a high-speed overhead stringer with a brute strength underground puller is now answered with the HP6500 Hydrastatic Puller. The concept of the single reel, self maneuverable cable reel unit has been proven time and time again over the years

Cargo Pole Trailers

Utility Pole and Reel Trailer

Transporting poles is no easy task. Our PMT160 Pole Material Reel Trailer allows you to transport poles up to 55’ long and includes a cargo bed with a fold down tailgate for extra storage space.

18K Cargo Pole Trailer

Working in the Utility and Telecom industry is not easy. Transporting poles and materials to and from job sites safely and efficiently is hard work. Our 18K Cargo/Pole Trailers are made to work and are packed with features that will help you and your crew on the job.

pt 92

Need to transport materials and poles to your project site? We’ve got you taken care of. Our PT-92 Cargo/Pole Trailers will get your job done right.

Pole Trailers

PT15 Utility Pole Trailers

PT15 Pole Trailers will help you carry your load with ease. This single-axle, dual-wheel trailer can transport up to 12,000 lbs in one load and secure them with integrated binders. The adjustable sliding pollsters make transporting poles stress-free. These trailers are perfect for lighting projects as well.

PT30 Utility Pole Trailers

Ideal for utility contractors, the PT30 is perfect for transporting distribution or transmission poles up to 75’.

24k pole trailer tuf 1

The perfect trailer for Power and Telecom projects, PTR’s 24K Utility Pole Trailer is built to tackle the most demanding projects.

PTB 202 - 40K Pole Trailer

Need to move large, oversized poles from one jobsite to another? We’ve got you covered. Our 40K Pole Trailers are rent-ready and will help you and your crew move poles quickly and efficiently.

TMB-40 Pole Trailer

You need to have your transmission and distribution-sized poles at your site when you start your project and need a durable trailer to make sure they get there on time. Our TMB-40 Pole Trailers will make sure everything is taken care of for you.

TMB-40 Pole Trailer

Do you work in Power and Telecom Construction? If so, we’ve got the perfect trailer for you and your crew. Our PSP-47 Pole Trailer is tough and durable, ready to work for you.

Reel Stands

rs15 reelstand premier truck rental iso

Moving reels is easy when you have a 15k Reel Stand. Our 15K Reel Stands have a self-contained hydraulic powerpack unit, expandable configuration option and more.

RS16 RS25 Reel Stands

Safely transport reels with a RS16 Reel Stand with Tension Brake. Featuring a 16” stainless steel brake and forklift tubes, this stand has the capacity to transport reels up to 96” in diameter and up to 16,000lbs.

RS16 RS25 Reel Stands

When you need a little more out of your reel stand, the RS25 has a max reel capacity of 25,000lbs. These are ideal for Power Transmission and Distribution projects.

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