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Cargo Reel Trailer Rental | CRT2

The CRT2 is the best transformer maintenance and repair trailer for your team that’s on the market. Different projects need different types of reel trailers. Knowing this, we have a variety of reel trailer options available for you to choose from, including the Brindle CRT2 Cargo Reel Trailer. When you need a trailer that can transport spools and provide cargo space for tools and materials on the jobsite, the Brindle CRT2 Cargo Reel Trailers will get the job done. These trailers are great for storm restoration work, construction, hazardous waste removal and more.

The spill-proof galvanized bed, ideal for transformer containment, includes (4) drain plugs, keeping you covered whenever you’re transporting building materials, transformers, or something else, as well as can handle up to 6 tons of whatever you need to haul. As with all of our other reel trailers, the CRT2 comes standard with stainless steel tension brakes to help you safely payout your cable.

CRT2 Specifications

  • (4) Bed Tie-Downs
  • Aluminum Storage Box
  • (2) 16” Stainless Tension Brakes
  • (2) 2.5” Reel Bars with Collars, Max 72”D x 56”W
  • Grounding Lug
  • Spill-proof Bed with (4) Drain Plugs
  • Front Jack
  • Rear Jack
  • LED Lights
  • Electric Trailer Brakes
  • (2) Wheel Chocks
  • 7 Way Round Trailer Plug
  • Adjustable Pintle Hitch

What type of work should you rent an CRT2 reel trailer for?

  • Electric Utility Pole Installation
  • Utility Transformer Repair
  • Storm Restoration/Hurricane Clean-Up
  • Waste Removal

Prefer to purchase a reel trailer instead?

We also have reel trailers and other product lines available for sale; get connected to our team here.

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