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3 Reasons Why Pickup Trucks are Right for Your Next Project

3 Reasons Why Pickup Trucks are Right for Your Next Project

Their durability is unmatched. Off-road projects aren’t a problem anymore. Hauling trailers and moving large equipment is no longer a stressor. Pickup trucks are trucks that’ll work for you.

In our opinion, pickups are a standard for every fleet. They’re spacious, adaptable and useful to have on-site. We’ve compiled 3 reasons why we believe that pickup trucks are the right choice for any type of project or industry. 

1. They’re great for hauling and towing.

Need a ½-ton or ¾-ton pickup truck rental? Our F150 and F250 trucks are perfect for hauling and towing. Designed to work, our Ford and Chevy pickup trucks can pull your equipment in a trailer or carry it in their truck beds. 

Our F150 | 1500 trucks have:

  • Max towing = 9,950lbs
  • GVWR = 7,000lbs
  • Max Payload = 1,260lbs
  • Horsepower = 395

Our F250 | 2500 trucks have:

  • Max towing = 14,500lbs
  • GVWR = 10,000lbs
  • Max Payload = 2,370lbs
  • Horsepower = 383

2. They’re adaptable for different industries.

Do you work in construction? Do you have a project on a wind farm? Do you take on a lot of jobs in the solar industry? Do you run your own contracting business?

These trucks are great fleet additions for all industries. Their beds provide an easy way to transport heavy materials and these units have endless upfitting possibilities. With different job types and industry demands, various upfits are needed to boost productivity and efficiency on the job.

Adding custom upfits to your pickup truck rentals is easy and beneficial. At Premier Truck Rental, we do all of our custom upfitting in-house, providing you with top-notch quality on all of your truck add-ons. Some of our most popular upfits on our pickups are:

  • Ladder Racks – Get even more cargo space by adding a ladder rack to your truck.
  • Fuel Transfer Pump – Don’t worry about having to fill-up your pickup truck’s tank in the middle of a project. Having a 12V transfer pump installed on your truck allows you to quickly pump gas from your storage tank to the truck’s fuel tank.
  • Toolboxes – Additional storage is always a must. When you install toolboxes on your pickup, you’ll be able to keep your tools organized while working and carry more equipment to and from the jobsite.
  • Headache Racks – Headache racks are important to protect your rear cab window. 

3. They can tackle any type of terrain.

Conquer tough job sites with a pickup truck. Remote worksites, bad road conditions and rough terrains are no longer an issue because F150 and F250 pickups will get you to where you need to go.

Pickup trucks are full of power and have plenty of space to carry your equipment and move your crew. At PTR, each of our pickup truck rentals go through a thorough detail and inspection process, giving you the added security that your trucks are ready to get to work right when you are.

For more information on renting pickup trucks from Premier Truck Rental, fill out our quote request form and we’ll get you in touch with a member of our team to help you find the best pickup truck for your upcoming projects.

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