Innovative Flatbed Rentals

Work truck rentals serve a wide variety of industries.  From Construction, to Electrical, to Oil and Gas – Every industry requires their work truck rentals to maximize production and assist crews on the jobsite.  One of our most popular and versatile rental trucks for the industries we serve, is our Flatbed truck rental. We offer new 4×4 crew cab flatbeds in a variety of makes and models. Most of our flatbeds have 30,000 + GCWR, and 16,000 + Towing Capacity.


Premier Truck Rental has most innovative flatbed truck rentals in the rental industry. Depending on your needs on their job site, the flatbed rental provides more room for customization.  There’s a 9-Foot flatbed which becomes an open canvas for renters to add a variety of products from our aftermarket selection. Mount a welder, toolboxes, custom hitches, fuel storage tanks, and more!  Their versatility allows them to transform into mobile workshops.  Many of our 4×4 flatbeds include stake pockets for optional inserts.  Most rental flatbed trucks from Premier comes equipped with turnover gooseneck hitches. Our gooseneck hitches are discrete and can give you the ability to tow a gooseneck trailer with just one flip.

Also new to our rental fleet is our F750 4×2 flatbeds. These units are rugged and durable.  Not only can you customize with stake sides, we also have dumping capabilities in our 750 flatbed product line.  These trucks include up to a 18′ flatbed capable of hauling over 16,000lbs and can tow up to 27,000lbs.

Power and Durability

Our Platform Body Rentals are able to haul thousands of pounds of material and equipment for any job site. They’re durable, and take much longer to wear out because they’re made of a thicker gauge steel.  They offer more room to haul elongated materials to worksites, and they make loading and unloading materials a breeze.  If you’re tired of being limited by the inside of the box of a pickup, or van, consider renting one of our flatbed trucks.

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