Industries Served

rent a truck
work truck rentals
Tough 4x4 truck rentals are geared for tough construction jobs.
From Equipment Managers to Jobsite Superintendents and Linemen, we are here to make your job easier. Having the right equipment is vital to safely and effectively completing a project.
rental trucks for electricians
Tough 4x4 Truck rentals geared for tough electrical work.
Transmission, Distribution, and Substation work each require specific pieces of equipment in order to effectively complete electrical work. Job sites in this industry can be remote, and difficult to maneuver due to muddy or rough soil conditions. Our truck rentals are 4x4, and can be customized to meet the exact needs of any electrical contractor.
oil and gas industry work truck rentals
Tough 4x4 truck rentals geared for tough oil & gas jobs.
Whether you’re drilling for oil in West Texas, the heart of Oklahoma, or somewhere on the East Coast, we have the truck rentals to keep your onshore drilling projects going.
government truck rentals
Tough 4x4 truck rentals geared for tough government jobs.
Large government projects – whether construction, environmental, highway or railroad based – require the right fleet mix of owned vs. rented equipment. We can help to maintain this balance with our simple truck rental process.
rent a truck for wind and solar industry
Let us help you with your next clean energy job.
From installation to testing and maintenance, we provide convenient transportation solutions for Service Engineers and Technicians to easily navigate wind and solar sites.