Your website says you provide specialty truck rentals, what does this mean?

Our rental fleet has custom add-ons available for all of our 4×4 trucks, such as brush guards, ladder racks, truck caps, toolboxes, fuel tanks, winches, and more. A standard pickup truck doesn’t always provide the flexibility needed on a job site.

How do I rent a truck from you?

Our account set-up process is simple and quick, we only need three things before we can deliver a truck to you:

What happens if I return a rental with damage?

We offer a protection plan for all of our truck rentals. Our Premier Protection Plan (PPP) is not insurance and is completely optional.

PPP is not insurance. PPP provides coverage for damages that may accrue while renting a truck. This benefit is supplemental to, and excess of, any valid and collectible insurance from any other source. PPP is optional and is not mandatory to rent a vehicle. For an additional charge PPP may cover your financial responsibility for damage to the rental unit. Renter may already be sufficiently covered for damage to the rental vehicle and should examine the renter’s own insurance policies to determine whether any such policy provides coverage for damage, loss or loss of use to a rented vehicle, and the amount of the deductible.

Take advantage of our Premier Protection Plan benefits today!

Can trucks be rented on a daily or weekly basis?

We provide corporate monthly rentals, weekly or daily contracts are not available.

Do you allow off-road use of your trucks?

Yes, all of our trucks are 4X4 and we expect them to be taken off-road when necessary.

If my rental truck needs maintenance or service, who do I go to?

Simple, you call us. We will address your need, and coordinate the service of your truck in a quick manner. Our goal is to minimize your down time.

What model year are the trucks in your fleet?

We carry latest year models, so our fleet stays young. We will not rent out a truck that is too old, has too many miles, or is in poor condition. Rest assured the trucks we will send you will meet, if not exceed, your expectations.

What is your mileage policy?

You are allotted 2,500 miles per month. After that there is a fee for overages.

How long until I can receive delivery of my truck?

Typically we can deliver a truck within 4-5 business days, direct to your job site. Additional add-ons and special circumstances can sometimes mean longer delivery time.

Where do you deliver to?

We rent to customers in all 50 of the United States.