Amphibious, All-Terrain Vehicles Go Where Trucks Can’t

Wet. Muddy. Off the grid. Does this sound like your job site? Working in these conditions and on this type of terrain creates challenges that require a creative approach. Our amphibious, all-terrain units, like the Fat Truck, will keep you moving when the terrain gets tough. Don’t let your surroundings get you stuck and keep you from finishing your project.

Fat Truck Amphibious Truck Rentals

Climb. Swim. Crawl. Any weather condition. Any terrain. Any season. Anywhere.

Our Fat Truck 2.8C enclosed amphibious 4×4 crew haulers are similar to a Sherp but have quality and safety at the forefront. Need more of a pickup-style truck? The Fat Truck 2.8P pickup model makes moving tools and equipment to remote locations easier than ever.