Wrapping Speed

Triplexing MV Cable Wrapper

Our Triplexing Cable Wrapper will spiral wrap two miles of cable per hour using twine, eliminating the need for zip ties on your wind farm projects. This bundler is self-propelled and requires no additional power sources other than being pulled behind your reel trailer. The wrapping process is driven by pulling the cable through the machine and rotating a carriage holding the twine supply, tensioners, and rollers.

The Triplexing Cable Wrapper from PTR consistently spiral-wraps the bundled cable with 3 strands of twine, keeping the cable tight and uniform.

Why You Should Think About Renting a Triplexer

If you have a PV plant or system that needs to run cable throughout the solar array and through the inverters, our rent-ready triplexers are fit for the job. This triplex bundler allows you to dig narrower trenches while keeping your crew out of the trench. This lets you use smaller excavators, eliminate zip-ties, and allows your team to work more efficiently.

You and your crew spend a significant amount of time and resources on your renewable projects. Want to save even more? Rent a fairlead with your Triplexing Cable Wrapper, allowing your cable to be gently placed in the trench.

It’s Time to Eliminate Zip-Ties in Your Solar Array Project

Do you know you could be spending up to $350 of zip-ties per hour on zip-ties? Zip-ties are expensive and a lot of time is needed to tie cables together. Our Triplexing Cable Wrapper eliminates the need for zip-ties and an entire crew in the trench.

Reduce Triplexing Overhead Costs

With your current process, you might have up to eight guys in your crew for triplexing. With our MV Cable Wrapper, you only need 2 guys to help complete your project. Put the rest of your crew on another task and work smarter.


  • Self-Propelled
  • No Additional Power Sources
  • 3 Strand Spiral Wrapping
  • 11,000 ft of Twine per Roll
  • Self Propelled
  • 3 Strands of Twine Included
  • Relative Wrapping Speed
  • Little to No Maintenance
Material Composition Virgin Polypropylene Resin
Knot Strength 245 lbs
Tensile Strength 400 lbs
Max Operating Temp 180°F (82°C)
Melting Temp 320°F (160°C)
Twine Length 11,000 ft
Avg. Spool Diameter 12 in
Avg. Spool Height 14 in
Color Cherry Red