Flatbed Truck Rental

Premier Truck Rental offers various classes of quality flatbed trucks to supplement your truck fleet. We also specialize in job specific flatbed truck rentals such as our F550 Reel Loader  ideal for Telecom and Utility Contractors, or our one of a kind F550 Candy Wagon Framer make specifically for the Electrical Transmission and Distribution sector.

F250 Flatbed

3/4-Ton Flatbed Truck Rental

New 3/4-Ton flatbed trucks are here! This medium duty flatbed delivers the payload and towing capacity of some of our toughest truck in our fleet.

1 ton Flatbed

1-Ton Flatbed Truck Rental

1-Ton flatbed truck rentals are ready to go to work! Premier has introduced the latest model year Ford F350 SRW Flatbed trucks to our nationwide rental fleet. 3500 flatbeds come with all the bells and whistles your crew needs to complete any project.

2 ton flatbed platform

2-Ton Flatbed Truck Rental

If you’re looking for a rental truck with more power and more payload, you can rely on our flatbed trucks. They make the perfect hauling and towing solution when your job involves extremely rough terrain that a standard pickup truck can’t handle.

Candy Wagon

2-Ton Candy Wagon Truck Rental

This piece of equipment is the utility service truck you have been looking for. The Candy Wagon may sound puny but this framer truck is loaded with all the goodies to get your crew working efficiently.

F550 Reel Loader

2-Ton Reel Loader Truck Rental

Designed to save time transporting reels to and from the jobsite, the Reel Loader Truck has become a necessary truck in the construction industry. The Reel Loader has the capacity to lift reels weighing up to 5,000lbs.The bed is designed to carry reels over the truck axle for maximum stability.

F750 Flat Beds

Our F750 flat beds measure in at 19′ in flat bed length. Looking for a dumping flat bed? We have that also.