Durable Platform Trucks

Need to haul a lot of equipment from one location to another? How about needing to move materials and tools from your new project to a new site? At PTR, we have various classes of quality flatbed truck rentals to supplement your truck fleet with a lot of horsepower and towing capacity to reduce downtime and damages. 

We have standard flatbed options and job-specific units to help you with the job demands specific to your industry. Are you a telecom or utility contractor? Try our F550 Reel Loader. Work in the Electrical Transmission and Distribution sector? Our one-of-a-kind F550 Candy Wagon Framer is the utility service truck you’ve been looking for.

Every flatbed truck rental with us comes standard with headache racks, stake pockets and a diamond plate truck bed. Each unit can be customized just how you need it to be. All you have to do is tell us what you want and we’ll take care of the rest.

F250 Flatbed

F250 | 2500

Looking for a smaller flatbed rental that is ready to roll? Our ¾-Ton flatbeds deliver the same payload and towing capacity as some of our toughest trucks in our fleet. Let this unit do the heavy lifting for you.

1 ton Flatbed


Turnover gooseneck hitch? Check. Stake pockets? Done. Pintle hitch? Included. Our 1-Ton flatbed truck rentals are ready to go to work and come with all of the bells and whistles your crew needs to complete any project. These versatile units can serve any industry.

2 ton flatbed platform


Get all of the power and payload you’d need to be successful at your project with a 2-Ton flatbed. These trucks are the perfect hauling and towing solution when your job involves extremely rough terrain that a standard pickup can’t handle.

F750 Flatbed Truck Rental


Stop stressing about the demanding job you’re taking on next. Our F750 trucks are ready for the big leagues, made for the toughest projects that you have.

Specialty Flatbed Trucks

Candy Wagon Framer Crummy Truck Rentals

F550 Power Transmission Candy Wagon Framer

Everything you could possibly need at the jobsite – all in one truck. This piece of equipment is the 2-Ton utility service truck you’ve been looking for. The Candy Wagon is the jack of all trades in our fleet, loaded with all of the goodies.

F550 Reel Loader

F550 Utility Reel Loader

Designed to save time transporting reels to and from the jobsite, the Reel Loader Truck has become a necessary truck in the construction and telecom industries. The Reel Loader has the capacity to lift reels weighing up to 5,000lbs and is designed to carry reels over the truck axle for maximum stability.

F550 Upfit Welding Truck

F550 Welding Rigs

Ford F550 Welding Rigs. Upfit the way you need them. Experience the PTR difference with your truck rentals.