Design. Install. Maintain. Electrical contractors work daily to keep electrical systems up and running properly. Electricians are responsible for powering our work and having the right trucks and trailers to do so is vital for success on the job.
Transmission, Distribution, and Substation work each require specific types of equipment in order to effectively complete electrical work. Job sites in this industry often times are remote and can be difficult to maneuver due to muddy or rough soil conditions. Knowing this, PTR is here to help. Each of our truck rentals are 4×4 and can be customized to meet the exact needs of any electrical contractor. Even with remote jobsites, we handle delivery and pickup of each truck we rent. Check out our line of pickups, flatbeds and trailers for your next electrical project and be productive on the job.
Do you work in an industry other than electrical? No worries! We serve many other industries, like construction, telecommunicationsoil & gas and more. We are here to work for you, so call us today and let’s figure out how we can work together to meet your company’s goals!
Truck for Electrical Project
Candywagon Framer Truck for Electrical Projects