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STI Crane Truck Rentals

Crane Truck Rentals and Sales F550 Mechanic Crane Truck An STI Eagle Pro body paired with a quality TigerCrane is built to last. Read more about our partnership with STI and TigerCrane Sign up To Our Newsletter For News And Special Offers Sign Up Now

Customized Flatbeds for Work

3 Guaranteed Ways that Custom Flatbeds are Right for You

We’ve put together a guide to help you understand the benefit of upfits for your rentals. Start saving time while working.

Argo Rentals Xtv


Max Seating Land 6 Max Payload Land 1,100 lbs Top Speed Land 24 MPH Our amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) gives you a rare combination of reliable horsepower, advanced technology and high-quality comfort that pushes the boundaries to go where others can’t. XTV Key Features 33HP EFI Engine Automatic Transmission Progressive Steering 25″ XT117 Tires [...]

Fat Truck Rental

Take on Hurricane Season with Fat Trucks

Hurricane season is upon us and the NOAA is predicting an above average Atlantic season, with 13 to 19 named storms. Premier Truck Rental is always here to help you plan, prepare, react and recover.

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Premier Protection Plan

44% OF RETURNED UNITS HAVE BILLABLE DAMAGE Predict the Unpredicted With every job comes the chance your rental unit could be damaged. It’s important to know how our protection plan could be a cost effective part of your rental strategy. Okay, how is this different from all other rental insurance policies? It’s simple. The Premier [...]

4rt21bt Reel Trailer Rental1

4 Position Tension Reel Trailer Tall

Max GVWR 23,000 lbs Trailer Length 26 ft Max Diameter 96 in Max Payload 16,000 lbs 4-Position Reel Tension Trailer Tall | 4RT21BT Need a trailer for larger reels? Rent a reel trailer like our 4RT21BT and you get a max payload of 16,000lbs and reels up to 96". This tension trailer allows you to [...]

Rl4rt Reel Trailer Premier Truck Rental2

RL4RTWF Four Reel Wind Farm Cable Reel Trailer

Max GVWR 30,000 lbs Max Width 77 in Max Diameter 120 in Max Payload 24,000 lbs Four Reel Wind and Solar Farm Trailer Rental Wind contractors require heavier duty pulling and tensioning equipment to get their jobs done safely. Which is why our Four Reel Wind farm Trailer rental has a wider stance, tandem axle [...]

Intech Fiber Splicing Trailer

Fiber Splicing Trailers

Max GVWR 7,000 lbs Length 12 ft Width 7 ft Interior 82 in Fiber Optic Splicing Trailer Rugged and durable fiber optic splicing trailers specifically designed for the extreme demands that are seen in the telecom industry. The clean, temperature controlled environment has a unique lab layout that allows your technician to maximize productivity in [...]

RL5RT-WF Wind Farm Trailer Rental

RL5RTWF Five Reel Wind Farm Cable Reel Trailer

Max GVWR 52,000 lbs Max Width 77 in Max Diameter 120 in Max Payload 44,000 lbs Five Reel Windfarm Trailer Rental High voltage transmission line construction like those found central to wind farm construction require heavy duty pulling and tensioning equipment to get their jobs done safely. Which is why PTR's five reel wind farm [...]


Reel Stand Rentals | 16K and 25K Reel Stands

Max Payload 25,000 lbs Max Width 67 in Max Diameter 120 in Reel Stands Brindle reel stands are perfect for heavier duty reels for any distribution or transmission work. We offer two sizes of reel stand rentals: RS16 16,000lb capacity reel stand that can hold up to a 96" diameter reel RS25 25,000lb capacity reel [...]