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HP6500 Boss Hog Underground Puller

Fine touch inching to all out brute force makes this the unit for all pulling jobs. Overhead pull speeds of 0 feet per minute to over 6 miles per hour and underground pulls from 0 to 40,000 lbs line pull.
One man operation set up definitely proves its job oriented efficiency.

f550 enclosed vanair truck rentals

F550 | 5500 Enclosed Vanair® Service Truck

Premier Truck Rental offers Enclosed Utility Trucks with Vanair® Systems. Call (844) 644-9138.


PTR’s Newest Fleet Addition: Chevy Tahoe RST

Executive-ready SUVs, ready to roll. Our brand-new Chevy Tahoe RSTs are top-of-the-line, having the most horsepower of any Tahoe. Call (844)245-3338 for information.

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Sport Utility Vehicle Rentals

Our fleet of new Chevrolet Tahoe Sport Utility Vehicles are ready for commercial construction projects nationwide. Call PTR today to see how we can help with your SUV needs!

SUV for Rent from Premier Truck Rental

Sport Utility Vehicles

Executive-ready SUVs, available immediately for rent nationwide. Choose between gas or diesel units. Call (844)245-3338 for details.


2022 Storm Season: 7 Rent-Ready Units

If you need rent-ready trucks to help with storm relief efforts, power restoration, and more, we’ve got them ready to ship nationwide. Premier Truck Rental is always here to help you plan, prepare, react and recover. Call (844)245-3338 for information.

cld 20 reelstrong

3 Rent-Ready Trailers for Utility Projects

The utility industry is booming. 3 rent-ready trailers with nationwide delivery to aid in utility projects are CLD-20 cable trailers, LCT-7500 cable trailers, and fiber optic splicing trailers. Call (844)245-3338 to rent.

premier truck rental ptr hydra 985 line cable puller

Hydra 985 Line Puller

The industry’s need for a high-speed overhead stringer and underground puller is now answered with the Hydra 985 Boss Hog. This single reel, self-maneuverable cable reel unit is top of its class. Call (844) 245-3338 for a rental quote today.

Welding Rig

3 Things to Consider when Upfitting Trucks

Having customized, heavy-duty trucks in your fleet is incredibly important when it comes to reaching goals and getting your job done on time and within budget. We’ve put together a list of 3 things to consider when looking into upfitting your truck rentals.

PTR Candy Wagon Framer

Meet the Candy Wagon, PTR’s Custom-Built Framer

Designed by you, built in-house at PTR specifically for your transmission power line jobs. Our F550 Framer (also known as the Candy Wagon) is a specialized fleet solution that’s a utility truck full of all of the goodies you could possibly need while working.