15-Passenger Van for Rent

3 Different Uses for 15-Passenger AWD Vans

3 Different Uses for 15-Passenger AWD Vans

Whether you work in construction, renewables, oil & gas, or a different industry, AWD Transit Vans are fit for the job. These versatile units are perfect for any size project, having a variety of applications based on your crew size, job site location, and equipment.

All-wheel drive Vans are safe, spacious, and adaptable. Knowing the many different benefits of having these units in your fleet, we’ve put together 3 different uses for 15-Passenger Vans.

1. Transport Workers & Equipment

If you need to move your crew from your lay-down yard to your project site, consider adding Transit Vans to your fleet. Although these units come standard with 15 seats, our Passenger Vans have removable seats. If you need a 12-Passenger Van instead of a 15-Passenger, remove 3 seats. By taking out additional seats also provides you with extra cargo space to store your equipment and tools.

One benefit of having a larger Transit Van in your fleet is the cost savings when transporting team members and tools. Rather than needing multiple units to haul your crew to your remote site, take fewer trips and transport more guys.

2.  Provide a Mobile Office

It’s important for Project Managers to be able to work while on a construction job site. Turning your Transit Van rental into a mobile office is incredibly beneficial for supervisors, creating a space for them to work while their crews are out in the field.

Converting Vans into mobile offices eliminates the need for managers to travel back and forth to the main office for meetings, keeping them on-site. In addition to this, using your Van for a mobile office saves you additional expenses by not having to rent a larger, portable office

3. Reach Remote Project Sites

Oftentimes, project sites are located in remote or rugged areas. Having to navigate through rough, rocky terrain isn’t easy, especially if you have to travel to difficult-to-access areas daily. Our Passenger Vans rentals have excellent traction and stability, being all-wheel drive (AWD) units. The AWD feature gives you better tire grip and easy acceleration.

Van rentals from PTR are rent-ready and made to work hard. These units have a GVWR of 9,250 lbs, a payload of 2,920 lbs, a 3.5L EcoBoost V6 engine, remote start, a reverse sensing system, tinted glass windows, running boards, and more.

Want to learn more about these units and their capabilities? Get a quick quote from our Sales Team and learn more about these rental units, available nationwide.

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