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Candy Wagon vs. Candy Wagon Lite: Which unit is right for you?

Two uniquely created trucks, both custom-built by our in-house upfitting team at Premier Truck Rental. Both units are crew cabs and full of custom accessories for work trucks; however, each has its own upfits for various job applications. 

Our F550 Candy Wagon Framer was designed from customer input, evolving throughout the last seven years to help meet various job demands. After receiving feedback on specific upfits on the original Framer, our team came up with the Candy Wagon Lite, which is a similar unit to the Candy Wagon but with a few key differences.

What is a Candy Wagon Lite?

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Our F550 Framer Lites are multi-use contractor trucks that are used for many industries – power, distribution, transmission, fiber, underground construction, and more. Our Candy Wagon Lites are 2-ton trucks that have a max towing of 18,500lbs, GVWR of 19,000lbs, max payload of 3,800lbs, and 11 ft bed length.

These units are full of upfits:

  • 4 Corner Strobes
  • StakeSides
  • Above & Below Body Boxes
  • J-Hooks
  • Overhead Rack
  • & More

What is a Candy Wagon Framer?

framerlite framer 0429

The F550 Candy Wagon Framers are heavy-duty, custom flatbeds that have been continuously improving over the last seven years to make these units the top of their class. These specialty work trucks have everything you need, right at your fingertips. Having a max towing of 18,500lbs, GVWR of 19,500lbs, max payload of 3,200lbs and 11 ft bed length, these units are ready to work.

Some of the upfits found on these trucks are:

  • Rear Work Lights
  • Pass-Through Box with Lighting
  • Bumper Mounted Front Tie-Offs and Rear Vice
  • 4 Corner Strobes
  • & More

What is the difference between the two units?

While these two commercial vehicles have a lot in common, there are 3 distinct differences between these units.

1. Industry Application

The primary industries that utilize our crummy trucks (also known as our Candy Wagon) are transmission and distribution. Many power contractors prefer these units over Framer Lites due to them having a larger overhead rack and a front winch and capstan. 

The Candy Wagon Lites don’t have the winch and capstan, making them a desirable unit for crews that have a winch and capstan on their bucket trucks. These units are typically used for construction projects, power, telecommunications, and more. 

2. Upfits Installed

While both 2-ton units are full of specialty upfits, the Candy Wagon Framers come with more accessories than the Framer Lites. Our regular Framers have a winch and capstan, a full overhead rack, and a pass-through body box with lighting. The Framer Lite rack stops above the cab and has space to store a spare tire, while a Candy Wagon rack covers the entire cab.

Both units have racks with removable reel bars to store spools of cable, as well as j-hooks to carry wire or ropes; the Candy Wagon Framer rack has a slightly lower rack capacity, being 3,200 lbs versus the Candy Wagon Lite at 3,500lbs.

3. Cost

Because of the winch and capstan on the Candy Wagon Framers, there is a slight difference in cost. While units have similar capabilities with the various upfits included, the Lite is slightly less expensive due to not having a winch and capstan on the unit.

Our Candy Wagon Lite and Candy Wagon Framer are built at our company headquarters by our team of technicians and are available for rent nationwide. For more information on these custom trucks, get a quick quote from our sales team.

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