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3 Benefits of Adding Lube Skids to Your Truck Rentals

3 Benefits of Adding Lube Skids to Your Truck Rentals

You and your crew are working on a construction site and you realize that your truck rentals are due for their routine service. You don’t want to take your trucks off the field to get them repaired because you don’t want to stop working, but you need to have them serviced. What’s the solution? A lube skid.

Lube skids are mobile pieces of equipment used at job sites for oils, fluids and greases for trucks and machinery. Lube skids are self-contained units and make it quick and easy to access fluids to keep work trucks moving. There are many perks to having lube skids on your rentals, and we’ve narrowed it down to 3 key benefits of them.

1.They reduce downtime.

Lube skids reduce downtime by keeping your equipment and crew working on the job site. Continually having to take your equipment back and forth to the shop is an inefficient use of time and incredibly costly. Since they are stand alone units, they can run on their own and, because of their size and functionality, they’re used to service both heavy machinery and fleet vehicles, like service trucks and pickup trucks. When you have lube skids on your commercial vehicles, you’ll see a significant increase of productivity on your job site.

2.They save money in the long-run.

Every minute spent moving equipment to and from the shop is money wasted. Having to pay for transportation costs, as well as paying employees their wages while trying to have your trucks serviced is costly. 

Another option that’s often considered in the field is to rent a lube truck. The issue with lube trucks is that they are expensive to rent and maintain. Since lube skids are installed directly on your truck rentals, they save money by reducing the number of vehicles you have in your rental fleet, as well as require less insurance than lube trucks.

3.They are beneficial for projects in various industries.

Lube skids are most commonly used in construction for fluid top-offs for large equipment and trucks. Although they’re popular in this industry, lube skids are often used for oil and gas projects and in agriculture. Plus, other pieces of equipment can be mounted on them, like compressors and generators, allowing you to save space and increase efficiency by having all of your added equipment on fewer units.

Our upfit team is in-house and can install your lube skids to your truck rentals, so when your boots hit the ground for your project, your trucks are ready to work, your lube skids are installed and you’re ready to go. We also have additional vehicle upfit options that we can mount on your lube skid or add to your truck, like welder generators, air compressors, toolboxes, headache racks, ladder racks and more.

For more information about our lube skids and other upfit options, connect with our sales team and add them to your truck rentals.

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