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3 Reasons Why Dump Trucks are Essential for Construction

3 Reasons Why Dump Trucks are Essential for Construction

Different construction projects require different types of trucks. If you operate heavy equipment frequently, having Mechanics Trucks around is incredibly important. If you need a truck to haul your crew and are looking for a standard, versatile truck, Pickup Trucks are the perfect option. If you have a lot of different sized equipment and tools that you need to store on-site, either Enclosed Service Bodies and Open Service Bodies are the trucks for you.

Regardless of your site’s location, construction project type and crew size, the trucks that are vital to have in your fleet when working on a construction project are Dump Trucks. Whether you’re working on road construction, bridge construction, housing construction or any other type of job in the construction industry, having Dump Trucks on site will help you get your work done easily and efficiently.

Knowing the importance of these trucks for construction workers, we’ve summarized 3 reasons why we believe that Dump Trucks are essential for construction jobs.

1.They’re safe when transporting large, heavy loads.

Both F550 Dump Trucks and F750 Dump Trucks have large beds that can carry a wide range of materials. Whether you need to haul debris or other loose objects, like gravel, dirt or sand, they’ll get it done for you. These trucks can withstand anything you throw their way.

2.They’re full of power and payload.

Dump Trucks are built to work under tough working conditions. They can handle large amounts of weight and materials that many other trucks can’t. Both F550 and F750 Dumps have the strength and stamina to haul your materials with ease.

All of our F550 Dump Truck rentals have:

  • 19,500lb GVWR
  • 35,000lbs GCWR
  • 9,110lb payload capacity
  • 18,500lb towing capacity

PTR F750 Dump Trucks have:

  • 33,000lb GVWR
  • 50,000lb GCWR
  • 18,480lb payload capacity
  • 20,500lb towing capacity

3.They have features that increase your team’s productivity.

When you rent a Dump Truck from Premier Truck Rental, you’ll have access to a plethora of additional features with your truck rentals. We know the importance of staying productive on the job and the time-sensitivity that each project has, so we have features that come standard with all of our F550 and F750 Dump Bodies rentals to help you and your guys meet your deadlines.

Some of our standard features on our Dump Trucks are:

  • Tarp kits (with spring assist)
  • Coal chutes
  • Underbody boxes
  • 4 corner strobes
  • Tow hooks
  • Tow package
  • Backup cameras

Don’t stress about your work trucks or how you’re going to carry your load to and from your job site.  PTR’s F550 and F750 Dump Trucks make hauling materials easy and give you the strength and stability you need when working. 

Ready to add Dump Trucks trucks to your fleet? Fill out this quick form and let us know a bit about your upcoming projects and we’ll make sure you have the right work truck rentals for your job.

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