Prevent COVID when working

4 Easy Ways to Prevent the Coronavirus on the Job

4 Easy Ways to Prevent the Coronavirus on the Job

It’s time to head out to the jobsite and your whole crew is joining you to complete your project. You’re worried about having all of your guys together again due to the coronavirus spreading so quickly through human interaction and shared surfaces. Your crew loves to work and rarely ever take time off, even if they aren’t feeling well, which puts everyone at a higher risk of getting sick. You’re also on a tight deadline and can’t afford not having guys show up to get your project finished.

Knowing this, you start to think of an action plan to keep your crew healthy and working, figuring out how to take a proactive approach to address COVID-19.

As different states are starting to re-open after the surge of the coronavirus, it’s important to take preventative action to avoid sickness while on the job.

The more people that you directly interact with and surfaces that you touch, the higher chance you are to get sick. It’s critical to be aware of this and take proactive measures to keep yourself and your crew healthy while out on the jobsite. We’ve compiled 4 actionable steps that you can take to stay protected against COVID-19.

1. Disinfect your rentals and equipment before and after you work each day.

It’s important to always clean your equipment because of the large number of crew members who are sharing tools and driving your work trucks. The coronavirus can spread quickly, so it’s important to keep yourself and your crew members healthy and safe.

Be sure to disinfect the seats, steering wheels, keys, door handles and other parts of the trucks that people frequently touch, like the radio, gear shift, windows and lock buttons. Taking 15 minutes before and after work each day to wipe down the interior of the truck will help everyone avoid sickness.

2. Avoid COVID-19 by keeping cleaning supplies nearby.

From disinfectant wipes to tissues to hand sanitizer, having cleaning supplies nearby and on-hand is very helpful when working to prevent COVID-19. When you have disinfectants with you, you can quickly and easily wipe down surfaces after use.

Hand sanitizer is important if you don’t have access to soap and water while working, keeping hands clean during the workday and during breaks for food. Also, wiping down surfaces during breakfast, lunch and dinner breaks will keep germs away and help your guys stay healthy.

3. Maintain social distancing guidelines.

According to the CDC, social distancing guidelines are to remain 6 feet apart at all times. In order to do so, try to limit the number of guys in each truck.

Consider limiting two or three workers to each unit to limit exposure. When in the truck, encourage them to wear their masks to protect one another. Assign different tasks for your crew while on the job to spread the work out, keeping distance between each of your workers. Encourage your crew to refrain from high fives and handshakes and other forms of physical touch to reduce the spread of germs.

4. Wear a mask and gloves as frequently as possible.

Keep masks and gloves available for you and your workers to have extra protection against COVID-19. That being said, masks are important to wear to protect others from you, even if you don’t think that you’ve been exposed to the coronavirus. It’s better to be mindful and careful rather than not. Don’t share gloves and be sure to dispose of your PPE and cleaning supplies after use.

Before your crew arrives on the jobsite, have them take their temperature to verify that they don’t have a fever. If they have a temperature above 98.6 degrees, have them quarantine for 14 days until feeling better. In addition to this, if they have a sore throat, cough, congestion or other COVID related symptoms, have them stay home to protect themselves and everyone around them. If they test positive for the coronavirus, encourage them to quarantine for 2-4 weeks until they are feeling better and without symptoms.

It’s important to protect yourself and your crew during these times, so be aware of your surroundings. At PTR, health and safety are our number one priorities, so we’ve added personalized hand sanitizers for you while you’re at work. We’ve amplified our detailing and cleaning of the trucks, giving you the peace of mind that you’re getting a truck that has been disinfected from top to bottom. 

Continue to practice the guidelines mentioned above and follow the preventative actions outlined by the Center for Disease Control so you and your team can keep working together.

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