Chevy Tahoe RST

4 Reasons Why Corporate Fleets Need SUVs

Having an SUV in your corporate fleet is incredibly beneficial. These units are versatile and have excellent fuel economy and efficiency, which is important for corporate vehicles. Whether you are a project supervisor, an investor-owned utility company (IOU), or a safety crew, our sport utility vehicles are fit for your needs.

We put a list together of 4 reasons why corporate fleets would benefit from having executive-ready SUVS to help with projects.

1. Prioritize Safety and Security

One perk of SUVs is the many advanced safety features in the vehicle, like reverse sensing system, automatic emergency braking, forward collision alert, auto lane centering, and other advanced driver-assist systems. Each of these features play a crucial role in safe transport to and from your destination.

In addition to this, PTR’s SUV rentals have spacious trunks and the ability to remove seats, so you can easily store and secure high-dollar tools and equipment in your vehicle. 

2. Easily Transport Your Crew

Being able to move more of your crew members in less time is crucial for productivity. Our Chevy Tahoes can seat up to 8 passengers, allowing you to take fewer trips and have less vehicles operating while hauling your crew. Plus, SUVs are spacious, giving your passengers room while driving from location to location.

One key feature of our Chevy Tahoe rentals is the 60/40 2nd and 3rd-row split benches and removable seats. This gives you the freedom to restructure the back of your SUV rental exactly how you need it.

3. 4-Wheel Drive Capabilities

If you are driving to a remote job site, having 4-wheel drive can be incredibly valuable. You have all-terrain flexibility and improved traction in challenging conditions, especially when having to reach an off-road project site. SUVs provide better tire grip than other vehicles in slippery conditions, which is helpful when driving on ice, snow, rain, or rough terrain. 

4. High Towing Capacity

If you have a trailer that needs to be towed, a Chevy Tahoe can handle the job. Our Chevy Tahoe RST has a high towing capacity of 8,200 lbs. Plus, these units have a max payload of 1,900 lbs and GVWR of 7,500 lbs. Transporting large equipment is no longer stressful.

Not only do these units get great gas mileage, but we have both gas and diesel Chevy Tahoe SUVs in our fleet, ready to rent. In addition, we offer Ford Explorer Limiteds and Chevy Tahoe LS and LTs depending on your project demands. Get a quick quote from our sales team on these corporate fleet rentals and add SUVs to your fleet today.

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