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7 Practical Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Work Trucks

7 Practical Reasons Why You Should Rent Your Work Trucks

Projects are quickly piling up on your calendar and work demands are at an all-time high. You’re trying to figure out whether you should buy trucks so you have always-ready units in your fleet when the time comes that you might need them or continue to rent all of your trucks on an as-needed basis. Both options are great, but which one is better?

This is the ultimate question. There are pros to both renting and buying, but after comparing the two and weighing the pros and cons, we believe that renting will give you more bang for your buck over buying. Why, you ask? Here are 7 practical reasons why you should rent your work trucks rather than own them:


1. Renting is more affordable than buying.

When you buy a work truck “new”, the value of the vehicle instantly drops when you drive it off of the lot. The brand new truck that you purchased immediately becomes a used truck. In addition to this, the initial cost of purchasing a brand new vehicle is high due to the lack of mileage and fancy features

On the other hand, when you rent, you pay a fixed cost for the specific unit that you need and are able to have it for as short or as long as you need. Since every project is different, demands and needs change and a certain type of truck might be the best fit for other types of jobs. Because of this, you can save money by renting only the exact number and type trucks that you need for any given project.

2. Personalized customization is stress-free.

Customized trucks increase productivity. Having extra features, like ladder racks, headache racks, fuel transfer tanks, top and under boxes and backup alarms, all help your crew out when they’re working on a project. When you rent a work truck, the upfitting process is easy and stress-free. You tell us the types of upfits that you need and what trucks you need it on, and we’ll take care of the ordering and installation of the parts.

When you own your own fleet, you’re responsible for ordering the pieces and installing them manually on your own vehicles.

3. You get brand new trucks every time.

We update our fleet every year, making sure that we only rent out the newest models with the added features and benefits you’re looking for with your jobs. As new models rollout, the additional features in newer trucks help you work. When you buy your trucks, you’ll be working with those trucks and specific features for the coming years. 

4. Returning them post-work is hassle-free.

When you rent your trucks, we deliver them directly to your job site so they’re waiting and ready to work when you are. After you complete your project, returning them back to us is easy and stress-free. On the flip side, when you own your own work trucks, you’re responsible for getting them to and from your job site.

5. You’re protected against damage.

Damage happens. It’s a part of the job. Our Premier Protection Plan makes sure that you don’t have any unexpected damage bills when you return your trucks. We’ll fix any damages that happen on the job and you don’t have to stress about repairing them yourself, especially when it’s costly. When you own your own trucks, you’re responsible for all the repairs – fixing and paying

6. We’ll facilitate repairs.

The longer you work your truck, the more wear and tear that happens. When you’re out in the field, it can be a hassle trying to coordinate the repairs that you need for your truck rentals. That’s where we come in – just give us a call and we’ll coordinate everything for you.

Owning your own trucks leaves everything in your hands. When you own them, you’re responsible for the upkeep.

7. There’s nearly no commitment.

Right from the moment you decide to buy your work truck, you’re in it for the long haul. You own the truck fully, meaning that you have to sell it when you’re ready to upgrade your fleet. If your projects need different types of vehicles, your owned trucks will be idle in your outside yard until used. 

With renting, there’s nearly no commitment. We rent all of our trailers and trucks on a monthly basis, letting you choose what units you need when and returning them once done. You don’t have to worry about selling them when done or losing money if they are rarely used


Not only does renting save you money, but it also saves you time. You’re able to focus on what is truly important – the project that you and your guys need to get done before the deadline arrives. When you rent with PTR, we’ll make sure you have all that you need so you can get your work done the right way

Ready to get renting? Fill out our quote request form and we’ll set you up with the perfect trucks and trailers for your next project.

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