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Keeping crews happy, and optimizing uptime while staying within budget can be a challenge for fleet managers and purchasing agents. Finding the right rental trailer can be an easy solution for this. From pipeline maintenance to solar panel install jobs, it’s important for you as a fleet manager to ensure crews have a safe and efficient way to load, transport, and store equipment and materials. But- different crews have different trucks, different job sites require different equipment, etc.

As a fleet manager, how do you rent a trailer that’s best for the job? We’ve compiled a list of frequently used utility trailer rentals, their best applications, and the pro’s and con’s of each trailer rental type. Check out our Essential Trailer Rental Guide for Fleet Managers below.

To make sure the next trailer you rent is the right one, we’ve compiled a list of trailers for different applications to make your job as a Fleet Manager easier.


Trailer Type: Tilt Trailer Rental


Applications: Pipeline Install and Maintenance, Solar Panel / Wind Turbine Maintenance, Utility Contractors, General Construction, Telecommunications Installs, Commercial Landscaping Jobs. Download the full spec sheet here.


  • Safely and quickly load small job site equipment (like scissor lifts or UTV’s) with slow tilt feature.
  • Easily towed by a ¾ ton pickup
  • Long enough to fit (2) Reg Cab UTV’s
  • Plenty of D-Rings to tie down for secure highway transport


  • Not the best choice if your crews run ½ ton pickups
  • Could be overkill if you’re only needing to tow lighter loads
  • Doesn’t provide the versatility of a dump trailer rental.


Trailer Type: Cargo Trailer Rental

Enclosed Trailer Rental.jpg

Applications: General Construction, Commercial Construction, Wind/Solar Installs & Maintenance, UTV Rental Transport, Jobsite Storage, Utility Contractors. Download the full spec sheet here.


  • Security – valuable tools and equipment safely stored away from theft and the elements.
  • Reinforced ceilings allow you to store materials on top of trailer. (Travel height restrictions may apply).
  • E-Track & D-Rings allow for multiple ways to tie down equipment so it doesn’t shift in transport.
  • Work-bench, dome lighting and cabinetry in HD Contractor Cargo Trailer allow for convenient on the job work solutions.
  • Rear Stabilizing Jacks & Ramp Door make it quick and easy to load and unload equipment and materials.


  • Pricier than a standard open rental trailer, if you don’t need the security of enclosure this isn’t the option for you.
  • Large/Bulky – if you’re not needing the full storage capacity the enclosed trailer provides, a standard Tandem Rental Trailer is a better choice.


Trailer Type: Gooseneck Trailer Rental


Applications: Heavy Hauls, Pipeline Construction & Maintenance, Equipment Transportation, General Construction, Commercial Construction, UTV Rental Transport, Jobsite Storage. Download the full spec sheet here.


  • Higher payload than a standard tandem, tilt, or dump trailer, so you can safely handle heavier loads. (Our Gooseneck Rental Trailer‘s payload is 16,900lbs).
  • More length – our gooseneck trailer has an overall length of 31.5 feet, making it ideal for pipeline contractors with long material loads.
  • Flip-up ramps allow for easy loading and unloading of UTV’s, Scissor Lifts, or other small job site equipment.


  • Pricier than a standard open rental trailer, if you don’t need the length or payload, this isn’t the trailer for you.
  • Requires a 2-Ton chassis with a gooseneck hitch to haul at full payload. Don’t have a truck that can pull this trailer? Rent a gooseneck truck here.

Each Utility Trailer Rental has its benefits, from dump trailer rentals to deckover gooseneck trailer rentals. This guide will help you take into account all pro’s and con’s when choosing the right trailer rental for your next job.

Keep us in mind for all your equipment rental needs, we carry: pickup rentals, flatbed rentals, utility truck rentals, dump truck rentals, equipment trailer rentals, and a growing list of utility and telecom trailers.

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