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How to Fix Gelled Diesel Fuel

How to Fix Gelled Diesel Fuel

As the temperatures drop in the winter time, it’s important to be prepared for the cold weather to prevent your diesel fuel gelling (and your fuel-filter icing). If your projects are primarily in parts of the US with very cold, extreme winters, knowing how to thaw gelled diesel fuel is crucial to protect your truck rentals and keep your projects moving forward.

Adding diesel fuel supplement or anti-gel to your truck’s tank will decrease the chances of gelled diesel fuel. Our top-recommended Diesel Fuel Supplement is by Power Service. This fuel additive will keep you and your crew working even in the freezing temperatures.

This product is perfect for preventing fuel gelling and keeping fuel-filters from getting plugged with wax and ice. In addition to using this product at the start of winter, our team highly recommends keeping your truck rentals out of the wind to eliminate wind chill effects on the fuel system, helping it run smoothly for you and your crew during the cold months.

If you don’t add the Diesel Fuel Supplement before the weather changes and cold temperatures arrive, you can utilize the Diesel 911 by Power Service. This product is a winter emergency product that restores the flow of your diesel fuel to your engine caused by frozen fuel-filters or gelled fuel. Also, we highly recommend plugging in your truck to the engine block heater to help with this process.

Since the diesel fuel thickens inside the filters and lines, it’s likely to clog your fuel lines and filters, making it very difficult to start your truck. To save you both time and money, prepare in advance for the winter months by utilizing the Diesel Fuel Supplement and having Diesel 911 readily available in case of emergency.

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