PTR Candy Wagon Framer

Meet the Candy Wagon, PTR’s Custom-Built Framer

Meet the Candy Wagon, PTR’s Custom-Built Framer

Designed by you, built in-house at PTR specifically for your transmission power line jobs.

Our F550 Framer (also known as the Candy Wagon) is a specialized fleet solution that’s a utility truck full of all of the goodies you could possibly need while working. These trucks are full of add-ons that help you and your crew stay productive while at your t-line project.

These units are the Swiss army knife of truck rentals, continuously evolving and transforming based on the needs and feedback of our customers.

Our Candy Wagon’s are loaded with custom features, like:

  • 12K DP Winch
  • 150’ Front Winch Cable
  • Roadside Hydraulic Capstan with Controllers
  • Heavy-duty Front Bumper
  • 3,000lb-rated Tie-off T-bars
  • 3,500lb Rack with Custom Tie-offs
  • 36 x 36 Pass-through Box
  • J-hooks
  • Rear-mounted Work Lights
  • 110 Gallon Transfer Tank and Pump
  • 20ft Hose Reel
  • Capstan Holders
  • Cathead Holders
  • Removable Reel Holders
  • Above and Below Body Boxes
  • Bumper-mounted Rear Vice

In addition to all of these custom features, there are additional equipment add-ons to keep your crews working, like:

  • Collapsible Butterfly Reel: These attach to the rear of the Candy Wagon to make spooling wire and cable simple and stress-free.
  • Inverter: Get power-on-the-road with an inverter.
  • Capstan Attachment: These front-bumper attachments have a safe, no slip design and make moving cable and wire easy.

Whenever you’re needing a customized truck packed with all of the add-ons for your next transmission and distribution project, give us a call. We have these units in our fleet, ready-to-rent and ship nationwide, directly to your jobsite.

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