We know rugged. Every job has different demands and our rugged work solutions will keep your vehicle fleet in top shape so your crew can continue to work. From a fuel transfer pump to headache racks to custom bed mounted reels, we have upfits that will increase your crew’s productivity and efficiency.

Top and Under Body Boxes

Top and Under Body Boxes

Top and Under Body Boxes are great for safely securing your tools.

Top and Under Body Boxes

Having adequate storage space can be tough. Make the most of your truck’s storage capacity with top and underbody boxes. These storage boxes are reliable, durable and efficient – great for keeping equipment secure while on the job or in transport. When you upfit your units with top or underbody boxes, you’ll have easy access to your tools, saving you time by having everything you need close in proximity. Also, save space and have more room for additional equipment by installing these below your truck while safely storing your tools.

Available Brand(s): Weather Guard & RC Industries

Headache Racks for Truck RentalsHeadache Racks

Protect your rear cab window. Choose from a lighted or a non-lighted option.

Headache RacksMultipurpose protection that you can count on – headache racks are the perfect addition to your trucks for a variety of reasons. Not only do they offer added protection from all types of debris, but they provide an additional barrier from any cargo that’s loose in your truck bed. Our headache racks come in both a lighted and a non-lighted option depending on your project needs.

Available Brand(s): Weather Guard & Backrack 

Backup AlarmsBackup Alarms

For added safety when reversing at your jobsite, use a backup alarm.

Backup AlarmsLet everyone on the job know that your vehicle is moving with a backup alarm! These add-ons provide an added layer of security at your site by making a loud noise when your truck is in reverse. If you don’t have an observer when backing up or have an obstructed view, these alarms are great to make sure that everyone around you is safe.

Available Brand(s): ECCO

Ladder RackLadder Racks

Get more storage with a ladder rack. We’ll take care of the utility hooks and tie downs!

Ladder RacksAdd more storage to your truck rentals by installing a ladder rack to your truck bed. Not only do ladder racks increase cargo space, but they make it easier to load and unload your equipment. Easily secure your ladder (or other large equipment) on your ladder rack for an added layer of security when in transport.

Available Brand(s): Kargo Master & Weather Guard

Fuel Storage TanksFuel Storage Tanks

Toolbox storage and a fuel transfer pump? That’s what you get with a fuel storage tank. Everything is right there for you.

Fuel Storage TanksHaving fuel at your project site makes work a breeze. When you install a fuel storage tank on your work truck, you’re always prepared to fill-up. Work in agriculture? These tanks are great when you need to refill your farming equipment’s fuel tanks. Work in construction? Having fuel readily available at your site allows you to make sure that all of your machinery is full of fuel and ready to work.

Available Brand(s): Weather Guard & Better Built

Tonneau Covers

Tonneau Covers

Protect your truck lid with a tonneau cover. Safely transporting equipment and staying organized has never been easier.

Tonneau CoversHigher security. Safer transport. Better gas mileage. Adding a tonneau cover to your truck rental is a no brainer. Tonneau covers protect your equipment against rain, sleet, snow, hail, debris, and anything else that could possibly destroy your equipment. Since tonneau covers fully conceal your truck bed, your tools are more secure by being out of the sight of others, giving you an added layer of safety against theft. Because of their unique design, tonneau covers have less air drag when on the road, resulting in better gas mileage when in transport.

Available Brand(s): Bakflip, Extang, Access Bed Covers & Roll-N-Lock

A.R.E. Truck CapsA.R.E. Truck Caps

Be more efficient on the job with a truck cap. Keep tools safe, prevent theft and improve fuel efficiency.

A.R.E. Truck CapsTruck toppers = the perfect accessory to prevent theft and avoid poor weather. Truck caps provide a locked, covered option to keep everything in your truck bed safe and secure. Stay protected against snow, rain, UV rays and more when you install an ARE Truck Cap on the back of your pickup truck. Truck Caps provide additional height for your truck bed, letting you store larger pieces of equipment while keeping them protected against unpredictable weather and debris.

Available Brand(s): ARE

Fuel Transfer PumpFuel Transfer Pump

Quickly pump gas from your storage tank to your vehicle’s fuel tank, saving you the stress of having to fill-up manually.

Fuel Transfer PumpTransporting fuel has never been easier. Quickly and seamlessly transport and transfer fuel to your machinery. When you upfit your trucks with fuel transfer pumps, you can easily fill-up your tanks without having to stop working or leave the project site. Fast fueling made simple.

Available Brand(s): Fill-Rite

Weather Tech Floor MatsWeather Tech Floor Mats

Protect the floor of your truck from dirt, mud and debris with floor mats.

WeatherTech Floor MatsProtect your truck floors with WeatherTech Floor Mats. Having durable floor mats preserves your truck’s carpets from dirt, mud, road salt, spilled beverages and everything in between. Trying to remove stains from your truck’s carpet can be a lot of work, so protect your truck floor from any damage and regular wear-and-tear with heavy duty floor mats.

Available Brand(s): WeatherTech

Brush Guard and Front Winch for TruckBrush Guard / Front Winch

Be ready for damages and off-roading with a brush guard and winch.

Brush Guard / Front WinchBrush Guards are ideal for protecting your truck’s front end from any scapes or dents to your truck’s grille. When you add a grille guard to your truck, you’re adding an extra layer of security to prevent damage to your vehicle, like a low-impact crash. Add a front winch on your truck with your brush guard to be prepared when you are working on an off-road project, helping you avoid getting stuck.

Available Brand(s): Ranch Hand


Easily tow equipment with a Ball, Pintle or Ball/Pintle combo.

HitchesHaving a hitch is a necessity, especially if you are using a trailer to tow equipment to and from your jobsite. Upfit your truck with an adjustable trailer hitch and conveniently pull any size trailer that you need. Ask about our adjustable trailer hitches, created to accommodate different types of trailers for your line of work.

Available Brand(s): Curt & Reese


Have power on the go with 400-3,000 watt inverters.

InvertersInverters provide you with all the power that you need when on the road or working at a jobsite. When you’re out at a project and you need power quickly, having an inverter readily available is crucial to continue working and using your tools and equipment.

Available Brand(s): Samlex


Find the right storage solution for you. Securely transport your tools right in the bed of your truck.

ToolboxesAlways have your essential tools readily available in a toolbox. Installing toolboxes on your truck bed helps carry your tools safely during transport without getting damaged. Toolboxes help you stay organized while at work, easily finding what you need when on the job. Work smarter by having everything you need with you at all times.

Available Brand(s): Weather Guard, United Welding Service (UWS) & Buyers

Dump Truck Tarp KitDump Truck Tarp Kit

Keep your loose materials contained during transport with a dump truck tarp kit.

Tarp KitsContain loose materials in your dump truck with a tarp kit. Dump truck tarp kits are ideal for transport by adding a layer of protection over your materials, making sure that everything is secure when it’s time to hit the road. Easy to operate, our dump truck tarp kits are connected to an electric motor, making covering the container quick and stress-free.

Available Brand(s): Buyers

VMAC Air CompressorVMAC Air Compressor

Start working longer and faster with a VMAC Air Compressor.

VMAC Air CompressorDurable. Reliable. High quality. VMAC air compressors are mobile air compressors to help you when you’re working at a job in any industry – like construction, oil and gas and utilities. Increase payload and save space at the job with a VMAC air compressor.

Available Brand(s): VMAC

Winches for TrucksWinches

Always have a winch ready for when you go off-road. You’ll be glad you did.

WinchesWhenever you have an off-road project, make sure you have a winch on your truck. When you have to take on touger terrains or work in a remote area that is muddy or rocky, it’s crucial to have a winch on your trucks just in case. Expect the unexpected.

Available Brand(s): Warn & Rugged Ridge

Ranger Contractor Van PackageRanger Contractor Van Package

Upfit your van with a Ranger Contractor Van Package.

Ranger Contractor Van PackageFlexible and durable shelving for your work van. Our Ranger contractor van shelving is perfect for storing, transporting and organizing tools in your work van. By adding extra shelving, you have more storage opportunities that can be customized exactly to your needs, equipment sizes and job types. We’re here to help you get your job done.

Available Brand(s): Ranger

Trailer Brake ControllerTrailer Brake Controller

Protect your truck and trailer’s brakes with trailer brake controllers.

Trailer Brake ControllerBrakes are expensive, so taking care of them is important to maintain the longevity of your vehicle’s brake system. When trailer brake controllers are installed on your rentals, there’s very minimal wear and tear on both the truck and trailer, causing its brakes to last longer, as well as make braking more efficient.

Available Brand(s): Tekonsha

Air Helper Spring SystemsAir Helper Spring Systems

Be prepared for anything with an Air Helper Spring System.

Air Helper Spring SystemsHave a large load to haul? Don’t worry about the size of your cargo and carry more with an air helper spring system. These systems provide additional support when you have to haul. Their durability gives you the added security that you need, regardless of the level of demand that your job requires. If you have an off-road project, an air helper spring system is important because it helps with suspension, regardless of the terrain.

Available Brand(s): Timbren

LED Strobe & Warning LightsLED Strobe & Warning Lights

Use LED Strobe + Warning Lights when working at night at your job.

LED Strobe & Warning LightsStay safe in a construction zone by installing LED strobe and warning lights on your construction vehicles. It’s important to keep people safe when at the jobsite, so using the appropriate lighting will help your crew and passerbys stay alert while you’re working. When you use these lights at your project, you’re warning people around that there are work trucks around and to proceed with caution.

Available Brand(s): Feniex & ECCO

C-Tech Aluminum Storage SolutionsC-Tech Aluminum Storage

Solid, sturdy storage for you. Available in either standard or extreme duty.

C-Tech Aluminum Storage SolutionsNothing is worse than being at the jobsite and not being able to find the tool that you need. You don’t want to waste time searching through your truck for this one specific tool, but it’s the exact one you need. What’s the solution? C-Tech Aluminum Storage. Upfitting your work trucks with C-Tech storage provides you with additional storage on your units, helping you easily find what you’re looking for to continue working. Storage made for all lines of work.

Available Brand(s): C-Tech

Bug ShieldBug Shield

Protect your windshield from bugs and debris with a bug shield.

Bug ShieldProtect your truck. Bug shields are great to make sure that your hood is fully covered, minimizing possible damage caused from debris, rocks and poor weather. When you install a bug shield on your truck, you are minimizing the number of bugs that hit your windshield, causing the outside air to redirect over the top of your cab.

Available Brand(s): Weather Tech

Nerf BarsNerf Bars and Running Boards

Protect your vehicle from debris with nerf bars and running boards.

Nerf BarsNothing is worse than getting dents and scratches on your truck from road debris. The best way to avoid scratches and keep the sides of your truck protected is with nerf bars and running boards. When you have a remote project that is off-road, installing nerf bars on your truck will help prevent damage to the bottom and sides of your truck. In addition to this, nerf bars help drivers and passengers enter and exit the vehicle safely, being durable and able to support someone in and out of the truck.

Available Brand(s): Raptor, Luverne, Westin Automotive & Dee Zee

V90M Mobile Lube SkidMobile Lube Skid

Easily turn your Service Truck into a Lube Truck with a Mobile Lube Skid.

V90M Mobile Lube SkidTurn your service truck into a lube truck by adding mobile lube skids to your rentals. These pieces of equipment come in handy when you’re at the jobsite and you need additional grease, oil or fluid for your machinery or truck rentals. Be prepared for anything and have a mobile lube skid installed on your rentals.

Available Brand(s): American Eagle

upfitsSafety Lights

Working during the night is no problem with safety lights.

Safety LightsKeep your crew safe when working on the road and at night with safety lights. Safety is your number one priority, so installing LED light bars on your truck rentals keeps everyone, including other drivers on the road, safe. Meet your deadlines by helping your crew work through the night, increasing their visibility with safety lights.

Available Brand(s): Feniex

Bedrock Truck BedsBedrock Truck Beds

Add a Bedrock Flatbed to your chassis to get to work.

Bedrock Truck BedsTruck beds that you can count on. Our Bedrock truck beds are tough and built to withstand the roughest of jobs. These heavy duty steel flatbeds are great for projects in all industries, having the capability to tow heavy loads to and from your job site.

Available Brand(s): Bedrock

Knaack BoxKnaack Toolboxes

Get sturdy, reliable jobsite storage with Knaack toolboxes.

Knaack BoxSturdy, reliable jobsite storage. Upfitting your trucks with Knaack Boxes gives you additional storage and are ideal for tool organization. These versatile toolboxes come in a variety of sizes to help you store any type of equipment that you may have. They also have an additional safety feature to prevent theft while working.

Available Brand(s): Knaack

Flip Down StepsFlip-Down Steps

Climbing into your truck has never been easier.

Flip Down StepsClimbing into your truck has never been easier. When you add Flip-Down Steps to your truck rental, getting in and out of your truck is safer and gives you 3 points of contact. Loading and unloading the bed of your truck is easier when you have Flip Down Steps in the rear.

Miller Welder GeneratorMiller Welder Generator

As heavy-duty as a welder generator can come.

Miller Welder GeneratorAs heavy-duty as they come. Miller Welder Generators are optimal for fleet use and are extremely versatile, being a helpful add-on for a wide variety of projects. Power fans, pumps, air compressors or any other type of tool on your jobsite and be ready for anything that comes your way.

Available Brand(s): Miller

Stake SidesStake Sides

Transporting equipment has never been easier.

Stake SidesAdding stake sides to your flatbed makes transporting materials and equipment simple and stress-free. With stake sides, there’s no need to secure your equipment to your truck. Hauling equipment is made easy.

J Hooks


Get more storage by adding J-Hooks to your trucks.

J HooksGet more storage by adding J-Hooks to your trucks. These heavy-duty add-ons are the perfect addition to help you stay organized when you are on the road. Easily hang gear and access your equipment by upfitting your truck with a ladder rack with J-hooks.

Reel Craft Hose ReelReelCraft Hose Reel

Be more productive with a ReelCraft Hose Reel.

Reel Craft Hose ReelSafe and efficient. When you add ReelCraft Hose Reels to your truck rental, you’ll increase productivity. ReelCraft Hose Reels can be used to transfer anything from air, water, transmission fluid, diesel fuel, welding gas and more.