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Why You Need GPS/Telematics for Your Truck Rentals

Why You Need GPS/Telematics for Your Truck Rentals

Time and productivity = money.

Your crew is starting a new project and a couple of your guys are driving truck rentals to help get the job done. But, as the project takes off, you start to notice productivity decrease. Your units are idling longer than you’d like, your team is taking longer than necessary to arrive at the project site.

How do you know all of this information about your truck rentals?

You added GPS/Telematics to your truck rentals so you can have better visibility for your fleet.

We’ve narrowed it down to 4 key benefits of having GPS fleet tracking for your rental units.

1.You can locate your units in near real-time.

When you’re a fleet manager, you understand the importance of being able to keep track of your units and knowing where they are at all times, especially as your fleet, crew and project sizes grow.

Our telematics system is powered by Fleet Complete and helps you locate any of your PTR rentals through our user-friendly portal. With this portal, you can see the exact location of all of your units and their statuses on a single interface. Every unit that you have on-rent with PTR will be shown in real-time within your Fleet Complete dashboard.

2.You’re saving money on unnecessary fleet expenses.

Managing a fleet of vehicles (especially when they are working on projects in different cities and states) can be expensive. Whether you are trying to keep up with routine maintenance for each of your truck rentals or see your fleet utilization, you will be able to improve your daily route efficiency, have a better grasp on fuel management and reduce overtime costs with our GPS add-on.

Our advanced GPS navigation system will alert you every time you need to schedule maintenance for your truck rentals, keeping you one step ahead of any service issues or breakdowns. Waiting until the last minute to service your vehicles can become incredibly expensive, so staying ahead on scheduling will keep your guys working.

3.You’re able to track your units to keep your crew accountable.

To keep operating costs low and make sure you are maximizing your truck rentals, tracking your fleet is incredibly important. Making sure your team is working and using their time productively is key for job site success.

With PTR’s GPS tracking system, you can set up system alerts to yourself regarding your units and their activity. This includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • When a unit goes over the legal speed limit
  • When your crew arrives and departs from specific locations
  • The specific location of your trucks at all times
  • How long your trucks are idling
  • When a unit leaves its set “geo-fence”

4.You have 24/7 fleet safety.

Nothing is worse than having one of your truck rentals stolen, especially when you’re in the middle of a project and that unit is vital for meeting your project deadline.

With PTR’s GPS/Telematics system, you can locate any lost or stolen vehicles instantaneously, and law enforcement can be notified as soon as it’s reported. Also, any unsafe driving will be notified to you to keep your crew in check, keeping driver safety top-of-mind.

Having a GPS/Telematics system installed in your rentals is crucial as a fleet manager, helping you keep your crew accountable for their time and saving you money in the long run by being aware of what your trucks are doing. Plus, one additional benefit about PTR’s GPS technology system is that they can easily be installed on any of our units – pickup trucks, flatbeds, dump trucks and more.

Do you want more information on our GPS add-on? Our team would love to give you more information and walk you through the Fleet Complete portal, showing you how to run reports about your units, fuel efficiency and more.

Fill out a quote request and note “GPS” in the comments to speak with our team, or call us today at 844-245-3338 to speak directly with our sales team.

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