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3 Benefits of Renting Deckover Tag & Gooseneck Trailers

3 Benefits of Renting Deckover Tag & Gooseneck Trailers

You and your crew are gearing up to start your next commercial construction project and you have a lot of equipment that you need to transport from site to site. Your job requires bulky, different-sized equipment and the only way to get it all to your project safely and efficiently is by renting a trailer.

You know that you need a trailer that’s versatile, can carry a lot and makes loading and unloading equipment easy and quick. You want a trailer that will work well with the trucks that are already in your fleet so you don’t have to expand your fleet in order to transport your machinery.

The best trailer options for you? Deckover Tag trailers and Deckover Gooseneck trailers.

All of our Deckover Tag trailers (also known as Bumper Pull Trailers) and Deckover Gooseneck trailers are convenient and easy to use when transporting equipment to and from your project site. We’ve compiled 3 benefits of renting both tag trailers and gooseneck trailers.

1. They’re adaptable regardless of industry and project type.

Tag Trailer for Rent

Both Deckover Tag and Deckover Gooseneck trailers are adaptable and versatile.

Whether you work in agriculture and need to move your farming equipment, are in pipeline construction and need to transport your machinery to your jobsite, or are an industrial contractor, both the Deckover Tag and Deckover Gooseneck trailer help make loading and unloading equipment a breeze.

2. They’re full of features that are great for any sized project.

Gooseneck Trailer for Rent

Our trailers have unique features that are perfect for any size project. 

Our Deckover Tag trailers are equipped with:

  • (8) 1” D-rings
  • Integrated tool box
  • Front side entry steps
  • Flip up/down ramps
  • Dual 2-speed jacks
  • Tie-down rails with stake pockets
  • Suspension slipper spring
  • Electric plus 7-way round

Our Deckover Gooseneck trailers are equipped with many of the same features as our Deckover Tag trailers, like (8) 1” D-rings, an integrated tool box, dual 2-speed jacks, suspension slipper spring, flip up ramps and more! The feature difference between these two trailers is our 21-29” adjustable gooseneck.

3. They have the ability to haul whatever you need them to.

Tag Trailer for Rent

Deckover Tag trailers and Deckover Gooseneck trailers can carry large loads. We have different sized trailers, offering various GVWRs, lengths and payload capacities to help meet the demands of fleet managers for any industry and project size.

Our 22.5K Low Pro Deckover Gooseneck Trailer has an overall length of 41’ 6”, with a payload of 15,980 and GVWR of 22,500 lbs.

On a larger scale, we have 25.9K Low Pro Deckover Gooseneck Trailers with an overall length of 35’ with 5’ tail, payload of 15,980 and GVWR of 25,900lbs.

When looking at our 22.5K Low Pro Deckover Tag Trailer, they have an overall length of 31’ 6”, max payload of 16,960lbs and GVWR of 22,500lbs.

Our trailers are great to pair with Pickup Trucks, Flatbeds, Service and Utility Trucks and more!

Not sure if a Deckover Tag or Deckover Gooseneck trailer is right for you? We have Enclosed Cargo trailers, Tilt Bed trailers and more, all ready to rent and get to work for you.

Pull more weight with PTR’s equipment, material and utility trailers.

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