Enclosed Tandem Cargo Trailer

4 Perks of Having Tandem Enclosed Cargo Trailers

4 Perks of Having Tandem Enclosed Cargo Trailers

Protection of your tools and equipment is important for your line of work. 

You don’t have the time to replace your heavy duty equipment frequently, and when you have job sites that are far away, you need to have a trailer that will carry all of your equipment and tools for you. 

You can’t afford taking multiple trips to and from your job sites to transport your gear, so having the right trailer for the job is crucial to make sure that your project is completed on time.

Knowing the stress that comes with finding the right trailer for you, your crew and your project, we’ve put together 4 perks of renting Tandem Enclosed Cargo Trailers, helping you figure out if these units are right for your upcoming job.

1.They’re versatile by industry and equipment size.

Do you work in residential construction? Do you specialize in landscaping projects? Are a lot of your projects in commercial construction?

Regardless of the specific industry and line of work that you are in, our Enclosed Cargo Trailers are a great trailer rental option for you. 

The interior dimensions of our trailers are 8’ x 20’9” x 7’, making them ideal for transporting any shape or size of equipment that you have. These units will give you the added structure and protective surroundings that you need for your gear.

2. They’re spacious and secure.

Our Tandem Enclosed Trailers are reliable, high-quality and durable. From the time you load your equipment to the time you need to use it, your equipment is secure and safe.

One major benefit of these trailers is that they have the capability of locking your things safely inside the trailer, giving you the freedom to leave your trailer at your worksite. You no longer need to worry about any theft or damage happening to your tools.

3. They’re perfect for keeping your equipment protected.

Unfortunately, the weather is often unpredictable and it’s important to be prepared for anything that might come your way when you work on outdoor projects in construction. 

Cargo Trailers are the perfect trailer to keep your equipment protected from any sort of weather – snow, rain, sleet, harsh sun – you name it! Don’t let the weather damage your equipment and tools and store them in a Tandem Enclosed Trailer.

4. Renting Enclosed Cargo Trailers is easy and stress-free.

At PTR, we make our rental process quick and seamless. 

We understand that you’re under tight project deadlines and need your trailer rental as quickly as possible. 

Knowing this, our dedicated sales team is with you along the entire process, working closely with you to make sure that you have exactly what you need, delivered directly to your jobsite, before you and your crew even start the project.

Tandem Enclosed Cargo Trailers make storing and transporting equipment easier than ever. These trailers pair perfectly with our line of Pickup Trucks, Flatbeds and Service Trucks.

Are you unsure of whether a Tandem Cargo Trailer is the right trailer option for you? Take a look at our other Equipment Trailers and Utility Trailers to find the right fit for you and your needs.

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